Bane Crashed a Wedding During Dark Knight Rises Filming

Jay Hathaway · 08/22/14 01:02PM

When The Dark Knight Rises came to Pittsburgh back in 2011, a couple found their wedding at St. Paul's Cathedral taking place in the shadow of a necessary evil: Tom Hardy as Bane. The ceremony took place so close to the set that Gotham's reckoning even waved to the bridesmaids between takes.

Bane Creator Chuck Dixon: Limbaugh's Batman Conspiracy Theory 'Ridiculous' — I'm a Staunch Conservative

Neetzan Zimmerman · 07/18/12 01:48PM

Making an unplanned phone call into the nationally syndicated radio program Schnitt Show yesterday, comic book writer Chuck Dixon, co-creator of the character Bane, refuted claims made by Rush Limbaugh that the homophonic similarities between the Batman villain and Mitt Romney's financial services company Bain suggest a liberal conspiracy to smear the presidential candidate.

Why Isn't Rush Limbaugh Talking About the Real Batman Conspiracy?

Max Read · 07/17/12 03:46PM

Today on his radio show, Rush Limbaugh blew the lid off of President Obama's most devious plot yet: the villain in this summer's new Batman move is named Bane, a homophone of Bain, the financial services company founded by Mitt Romney. But why is Limbaugh ignoring the far deeper, and far more disturbing conspiracy right in front of his nose?