Sienna Miller Wondering If She Can Borrow A Can Of Slut-Off

STV · 08/21/08 04:45PM

"Scandalism" is all the rage these days in London, where the hottest gossip of the day is found in neither Fleet Street rags nor blogs but rather spray-painted on the very walls of its subjects' homes. Exhibit A: Sienna Miller, whose recent, only slightly immodest dalliance with married father Balthazar Getty (among other tormented ex-flames) may or may not have prompted the scandalism above, which materialized on Miller's home late one recent evening. The ensuing investigation is going pretty much as sluggishly you'd expect; we're told a reward is available for information leading to the culprit's capture and conviction, just as soon as Nottingham is green lit again.

A-Rod Strikes Back

cityfile · 07/31/08 05:26AM
  • Alex Rodriguez is expected to file divorce papers of his own in a Miami court today: He's wants his prenup enforced and any charges that he cheated on wife Cynthia removed from the record. [NYDN]

Looks Like I Picked The Wrong Time To Upset The Wife

Douglas Reinhardt · 07/29/08 11:15AM

Balthazar Getty anxiously paced the arrivals section of LAX on Monday. The Lost Highway star said that usually his wife picks him up from the airport, but since all the recent nastiness involving Getty and British bicycle Sienna Miller, she might be getting some revenge on him by leaving him stranded. Getty said, "What's that line from Airplane? Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue? Well, replace 'glue' with 'cheating on my wife' and that about sums this situation up." Getty paced around awhile before hopping on an Enterprise Rent-A-Car shuttle.

Hollywood Privacywatch: Adrian Grenier Not Afraid Of A Little PDA

Mark Graham · 07/22/08 04:40PM

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No One Wants Poor Nicole's Baby

cityfile · 07/16/08 05:25AM
  • The real reason Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban didn't sell baby pics to the tabs? It may have had less to do with morals and more to do with the fact no one was willing to shell out $3 million. [Page Six]

Sex, Lies, And Videotape: Starring Sienna Miller, Her Tits, And Balthazar Getty As The Adulterous Billionaire

Molly Friedman · 07/15/08 07:40PM

Confession time: ever since she rescued Alfie: The Version Jude Law Wrecked from racking up Razzies with her sparkly hair and oddly transfixing "good naked" scenes, we've been a Sienna Miller fan. One of the few stars to design an actual wearable fashion line, a regular on nude beaches, not to mention her impressive performance in the neglected but excellent Interview, she's the kind of weird, devil-may-care actress we like. But our girl is in quite the pickle these days. With a loony ex-boyfriend sobbing over her in sappy love songs and telling her to "fuck off" in tabs, and a new set of her trademark topless pics featuring concrete evidence that she's screwing former heroin addict, richer-than-God oil heir, and married father of four Balthazar Getty, Sienna isn't exactly having the best month ever. However, it has been an NSFW one...

Wasserstein Has a New Woman

cityfile · 07/09/08 05:54AM
  • Billionaire mogul Bruce Wasserstein is leaving his youthful, second wife Claude for an even more youthful "Asian beauty," whom he has been introducing to friends as his girlfriend. According to the Daily News, this practice of old, white men stepping out with younger Asian chicks might just be a trend! [Rush & Molloy]