Do You Need to See This Photo of a Hideous Bald Mouse Growing Mutant Hair?

Maureen O'Connor · 04/20/12 01:34PM

"You need to see this photo, Drudge Report and Gawker," The Toronto Star tweeted today. The photo in question is of the ugliest mouse imaginable—veiny and bald and resembling an impossibly mutated monster's scrotum—with a tuft of coarse black hair growing from the back of its neck. The hair, the Star writes, is the product of revolutionary "bioengineered hair follicles" created by stem-cell researchers in Japan.

Jude Law In Bitter Struggle To Save His Hair

Molly Friedman · 04/16/08 11:30AM

When we first saw some screen shots from Jude Law's upcoming My Blueberry Nights, we couldn't help noticing the actor's abundance of messy highlighted hair atop his winky visage. Especially when compared to his respectable, but ever-so-slightly receding hairline in Alfie. And after being photographed in London recently sporting the beginnings of a George Costanza 'do, our suspicions that his character's curls in MBN were extensions for boys: "