Brangelina! Brangelina! Brangelina!

Amdesi · 10/30/09 05:30AM

Simon Cowell can't escape the coif, Bai Ling has a hungry pussy, Mel Gibson throws sticks and stones, and the Brangelina+Gosselin vortex will sink us all.

First One to Make a Party Animal Pun Gets Shot

Gabriel Snyder · 10/09/09 03:28PM

We're not dog people (which is why it's really not necessary to send us big baskets of pet swag). Gawker operative Stephen Kosloff, however, doesn't mind the poochy set. He brings us his stories from last night's ASPCA fundraiser.

Mickey Rourke And Bai Ling: A Celebrity Couple To Root For

Kyle Buchanan · 01/15/09 02:35PM

Finally, Mickey Rourke has met his romantic match: Bai Ling, an actress/red carpet fixture/visionary who has the ability to look at two lanyards of approximate nipple-width, then use them as a blouse.

Bai Ling Promptly Sent Out 'Valentine Love Smile' To World After Shoplifting

Molly Friedman · 02/15/08 02:03PM

Sure, Bai Ling's arrest at LAX on Wednesday was sad in a Hedy Lamarr kind of way, but you know what's sadder? Suffering through her explanatory blog post the next day. Apparently camped out in Albequerque, we'd like to issue a warrant for another arrest based on the Celebrities Writing Bad Poetry statute. Witness: "my emotions are running through me like a wild river, tears come from the lake of my heart hurt my eyes." Oh, but there's more!

Bai Ling's Beautiful, Famewhoring Spirit Snuffed By Airport Shoplifting Arrest

Seth Abramovitch · 02/14/08 07:43PM

We can't say we know much about Bai Ling, save that she's ubiquitous (watch her ghostly apparition suddenly appear and start signing autographs next to Larry King in this paparazzi video), gave some of the most brain-meltingly awful (in the good way) musical performances in TV history on But Can They Sing?, could safely be classified as "fashion forward," and generally enjoys being the center of attention. In fact, now that we really think about it, she's done nothing but bring us joy, however obliquely. So we'll refrain from passing judgment on her arrest yesterday for swiping two magazines and a pack of batteries at an LAX magazine stand, or snickering at her mugshot, in which she just looks kind of sad. We're sure that after the proper shopliftinghab treatment, Ling will back to her old self in no time, full of vitality and grabbing Santa by the balls.

Working The Carpet At The Maxim Style Awards

mark · 09/19/07 06:44PM

Having subjected Defamer videographer Molly McAleer to a number of assignments on the filthy sidewalks of Hollywood Boulevard, we decided it was time she got to class things up a bit and tote her camera to a red carpet, so we dispatched her to the Maxim Style Awards at Avalon last night to see what would happen. Unsurprisingly, an encounter with party ubiquity Bai Ling ensued (who we're not entirely sure exists outside of the event circuit), as did some firing squad time with Brady-loving former Top Model Adrianne Curry. Part I of Molly's video report is above, while the thrilling conclusion—starring a dude from Weeds who discusses his co-star's recent adoption news—follows after the jump: