Public Service Announcements Are Advertising's Amateur Hour

Drew Magary · 10/22/12 01:05PM

Here's an ad created by DDB New York for WaterIsLife, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing clean drinking water to people in developing countries. The ad features a bunch of poor Haitian people reading a bunch of #FirstWorldProblems tweets out loud: "I hate when my phone charger won't reach my bed," "I hate it when I tell them no pickles, and they still give me pickles," etc. The message of the spot is clear: You're an asshole for whining about your problems when you have clean drinking water. Now here is why this spot is fucking terrible:

The Situation's PETA Ad, And Its Inevitable Pussy Joke

Robert Kessler · 10/11/12 10:18AM

As any good astronomer will tell you, a star always burns brightest just before it dies. And Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino is certainly clinging onto his last drops of fame with every muscle in his steroid (and maybe painkiller) riddled body, following in the path of every D-lister before him, and posing nude shirtless for PETA.

The Kardashians Struggle to Appear Normal While Simultaneously Wearing Eyeglasses

Caity Weaver · 08/10/12 01:56PM

On Thursday, Khloe Kardashian presented the Internet with an insane photograph of herself and her sisters, Kourtney and Kim, modeling Sears' new line of Kardashian-inspired eyewear on her official blog. In so doing, she revealed to the world that the Kardashians have no idea how to conduct themselves as normal humans while simultaneously wearing eyeglasses. This brief analysis attempts to determine how it all went so wrong.

No One Can Correctly Google Any More, Basically

Ryan Tate · 04/16/12 02:02PM

Google has been placing more and more crap around search results, which is very annoying, but it turns out this crapification may work out quite well for the giant internet company. That's reportedly because people can't really tell anymore what's a Google advertisement and what's a Google search result, turning the simple act of internet searching into a confusing profitable mess.

Why Is Hitler Selling Shampoo in Turkey?

Louis Peitzman · 03/26/12 07:07PM

There's probably a logical explanation for this, right? Either way, Turkey's Jewish community is none too thrilled about seeing Adolf Hitler in a TV ad for shampoo. Biota Laboratories, the company that makes Biomen shampoo, has refused to take the commercial off the air, explaining that it's "humorous." But as we all know from watching Mad Men, sometimes the client doesn't know best.