Richard Lawson · 03/04/08 10:52AM

Uh oh! Your favorite show from 1999, Cashmere Mafia (complete with 1999 stars like Lucy Liu!) may be in trouble. Ol' Ben Widdicombe is suggesting that it may be on its way out.

Lipstick Jungle Augurs Leven Rambin's Future

Richard Lawson · 02/29/08 11:42AM

As we ominously forewarned, Leven Rambin, the soap actress, burgeoning gad about town, and (most importantly) person who has something to do with Julia Allison, guest starred on Lipstick Jungle last night. She played herself in the future: a boozy, damaged starlet who crashes limousines and somehow embarrasses Brooke Shields. This clip is also noteworthy in the way it deftly reiterates how stultifyingly bad this show really is.

Dirge of the Jungle

Richard Lawson · 02/07/08 11:47PM

It begins, of course, with shoes. Tonight's premiere episode of NBC's new series Lipstick Jungle opened with quick cuts of beautiful shoes walking. This is, after all, a series executive produced by shoe fetishist (actually, at this point, cultist) and Sex and the City columnist Candace Bushnell. We meet three frazzled New York ladies (bestest friends forever!) who are all beeswax about their high-profile jobs. Brooke Shields's Wendy is a film exec who's trying to get some Galileo movie off the ground before a rival studio snags it. Lindsay Price's Victory (yuck) is a fashion designer who's taken a critical drubbing of late. And Kim Raver's Nico is the editor of a celebrity, politics, and beauty magazine called Bonfire (of the Vanities Fair, perhaps?) They have their own quirks: Wendy can't wear green! Victory likes cupcakes! Nico is sort of a feminist! And they all have their problems: a husband who's jealous of her success, a stalling career, and adultery, respectively. (More, w/ video!, after the jump.)