Face It, the Transformers Have Won

Richard Lawson · 07/05/11 09:51AM

Fireworks weren't the only things exploding this weekend, as Michael Bay's latest disaster trundled into theaters and connected big-time. Meanwhile, two oldsters sputtered out and three youngsters fared just OK.

Pixar Just Can't Be Stopped

Richard Lawson · 06/27/11 10:45AM

The bulletproof animation hut produces a hit once again, narrowly avoiding catastrophe. Also: Green Lantern continues to tank, Cameron Diaz is the new Kristen Wiig (except not), and Conan can't win.

What's Opening in Theaters This Weekend

Richard Lawson · 06/24/11 05:25PM

On this final weekend of June, you are given the choice of taking the kids with you to see a movie about talking cars, or leaving them at home to fend for themselves and seeing Cameron Diaz swear a lot.