STV · 08/15/08 05:25PM

Ashton Kutcher, Margaret Killer? Make what you will of the news that playwright/filmmaker Kenneth Lonergan is rewriting an Ashton Kutcher comedy — on one hand Lonergan has Oscar nominations for both script-doctoring Gangs of New York and guiding his fussy You Can Count on Me through the indie trenches, while on the other we hear he's been cooped up in an editing room, fighting off Fox Searchlight for nearly two years over his troubled Anna Paquin/Matt Damon (among many others) drama Margaret. We'd like to think his taste will light the way on Like Father, which will star Kutcher as a man whose animosity toward his father abates as they "coincidentally" raise infant sons and "are forced to go through the fatherhood experience together." And maybe it'll be great, but we trust our first impression here more than we necessarily trust Lonergan: With work like this holding him over, don't be surprised if his own baby Margaret never sees the light of day. [Variety]

David Remnick v. Graydon Carter; Eliot Spitzer v. Himself

Choire · 12/05/07 09:30AM

Vanity Fair editor Graydon Carter and New Yorker editor David Remnick hustled to beat each other on profiles of Eliot Spitzer, notes the Observer; technically Graydon won with publishing online first, but Remnick won with extended access. Yeah, yeah. Apart from that silliness, we hear that Spitzer's press minder who was handling the reporters is kind of an idiot! After Nick Paumgarten's New Yorker profile was already in edits, Spitzer's guy was asking him, "What's going to be in the piece?" That's just sad. Real political operations—see Team Clinton—don't have to ask, because they already know.