This Is What It's Like to Have a Clown-Sex Fetish

Rich Juzwiak · 06/11/14 11:45AM

"The fun thing about clown sex is there's really no rules," says Jay, a 33-year-old from Chicago and expert on the subject. Jay shared his fetish and many of its accompanying toys—greasepaint, rubber noses, clown pants that you can wear with nothing under them, a cat o' nine tails made of uninflated balloons—on an episode of Logo's sex therapy reality show Bad Sex last night.

"You Sure You Want To Do The Manny?"

Emily Gould · 06/21/07 03:45PM

The end of socialite Holly Peterson's $500,000 debut novel was sight for us at last, and we were still waiting for our heroine Jamie to mount the titular Manny. So then we reached page 333 of 353 and finally! Boning! But alas. Never has a description of dirty MILF-on-hired help sex been more (forgive us) anticlimactic. The camera practically zooms in to view the fireplace. There is also the line, "He looked so happy, like he was having a really, really good time."