Bloomberg On The Run From Accusin' Ladies

Maggie · 10/04/07 01:36PM

Looks like pointing the finger at Bloomberg LP corporate isn't going to save Mayor Mike from the sex discrimination suits breathing down his neck. The ladies suing his company for bias have now filed a complaint against the mayor himself for having "fostered, condoned and perpetuated" discrimination at the company. They also claim they've heard senior managers say that Mikey calls the Bloomberg CEO "all the time," which doesn't help the Mayor's shrugging "it's not my company" claim. Hmm. Did somebody say class-action lawsuit?

Fabian Basabe Slams The Publicist He Paid "$10,000 Per Month To Keep Me Out Of The Press, Unless It Was Positive"

Emily Gould · 10/01/07 01:20PM

Hey, remember Fabian Basabe? If you do, at all, it's probably because of his lawsuit against a Bungalow 8 doorman or his drunk driving arrests or calling club employees "negroes" or that he married a woman or his appearance on a show called Filthy Rich: Cattle Drive which, can you believe that actually happened? Anyway, he now reveals on his blog that he never intended to get a lot of bad press. No, he went out of his way to try to prevent himself from being slammed repeatedly by the evil news media!