From Boom to Gloom? Doom Looms Soon

Hamilton Nolan · 10/15/15 03:25PM

In 2008, the global economy collapsed. But ever since bottoming out in 2009, we’ve been on a gangbusters recovery. Is it all going to come to an end soon? See for yourself.

The Longer You're Unemployed, the Harder It Is to Get Hired

Hamilton Nolan · 09/27/12 02:00PM

Here, some new research findings on the current economic climate, which we sincerely hope that you are reading while at work. *Forced, desperate smile* Some economists decided to find out how length of unemployment affects your chances of finding a new job. So they sent thousands of fictitious resumes out to respond to thousands of job ads, and, long story short: "the likelihood of receiving a callback for an interview significantly decreases with the length of a worker's unemployment spell."

You're Way Fatter Than You Think You Are

Jessica Benjestorf · 04/19/12 11:35AM

You think because you "took the stairs" this morning that you can eat whatever you want? Nope, because we're all fat. The fat people are fat. The skinny people are fat. The regular people are fat. The young and old are fat. You're fat. I'm fat. Your mom's way fat. We're fatter, in fact, than we thought.

Everyone At Downton Receives Shocking News In Letters

Matt Toder · 01/07/12 12:30PM

Julian Fellowes' Edwardian soap Downton Abbey returns for its second season Sunday night which is very excited news indeed. The first season was filled with many a twist and turn and, very often, this news was delivered via ominous letters that our beloved characters stared at blank-faced. In fact, each of the first season's seven episodes included at least three instances of characters receiving news, most times troubling news, in a letter. Here are all of them.

The Good and Bad News on Unemployment

Hamilton Nolan · 12/01/11 04:17PM

The bad news is that nearly 50% of people under 25 in Greece and Spain are unemployed. The good news is you don't live in Greece or Spain. The bad news is unemployment applications are rising here, too. The good news is that the federal government gives you 99 weeks of unemployment benefits. The bad news is, not for long! The good news is, you still have a job. The bad news is, one in five Americans believe they'll lose their job next year. The good news is, you're not one of them.

All Jobs in America Already Taken

Hamilton Nolan · 09/02/11 08:50AM

In August, the United States of America, the mightiest economic power the world has ever seen, created the following number of jobs for its citizens: zero. Zero new jobs, according to the very latest jobs figures released this morning, which "show an economic recovery that appears to be puttering out."

Yes, There Is a Student Loan Bubble

Hamilton Nolan · 08/02/11 11:04AM

Perhaps you've been congratulating yourself on having less than $200,000 in student loan debt, telling yourself your own student loans aren't so bad. Well, stop that! The 2010s are the decade of "Feeling Bad About Your Student Loans."

Man, It's Poor Out There

Hamilton Nolan · 07/22/11 02:56PM

Whew! Sure is poor out there today! (How poor is it?) I tell ya, it's poor!

The Banana Apocalypse Is Coming

Brian Moylan · 07/22/11 02:44PM

You just love eating bananas from the supermarket, right? Well, you better get your fill because a fungal infection is threatening to wipe out the yellow fruit that we all take for granted.

Part Two of Sarah Palin's Bus Tour in Jeopardy

Jim Newell · 06/22/11 11:58AM

We've all been spending the last few weeks skimming through silly, summer news stories like the president having an illegal war in Libya and the global economy drifting perilously close to a double-dip recession, waiting on edge for real news about Sarah Palin getting back on a bus and driving through more states. When oh when will the Tour de Grift resume for its promised second leg through the Heartland? Perhaps never, sadly.

Economy Update: It's Still Bad

Jim Newell · 06/03/11 12:43PM

The economy added a whopping 54,000 non-farm jobs last month, and the official unemployment rate is now back to 9.1 percent. That's really, really bad.

Economic Growth Update: It Still Sucks

Jim Newell · 04/28/11 11:16AM

GDP grew an anemic 1.8% in the first quarter of 2011. To blame: The ten million snowstorms that slowed construction and closed businesses, rising commodity prices, decreased government spending, and the failure of the American experiment in general.