Woman Who Let Powerball Winner Cut in Line Speaks Out: 'Things Happen'

Neetzan Zimmerman · 06/06/13 09:16AM

Mother-of-two Mindy Crandell was standing in line at a Publix supermarket in Zephyrhills, Florida, waiting to buy a Powerball ticket in the hopes of claiming her share of a historic $590.5 million payday, when 84-year-old Gloria C. Mackenzie suddenly cut in front of her.

Father and Son Killed By Lightning, 48 Years Apart

Seth Abramovitch · 07/14/11 01:20AM

A 54-year-old man from New Jersey was electrocuted to death on Sunday after lightning struck the tree next to which he was standing. The last thing Stephen Rooney told his family before he wandered away from a barbecue to smoke a cigar, MSNBC reports, was, "Don't worry guys, lightning never strikes twice." He was referring to an incident from 48 years earlier, when Rooney's father was killed by a bolt of lightning while fishing. So what can we learn from this tragedy? That lightning doesn't care about truisms! It's lightning. It strikes wherever it wants to strike. [MSNBC]

'It's All Good,' Says Guy Who Missed $319 Million Jackpot

Hamilton Nolan · 04/01/11 09:28AM

The dude who decided not to get in on his usual office lottery pool on the very day that it hit a $319 million jackpot is SPEAKING OUT and TELLING HIS STORY, so that even the most miserable of us shall be able to put a face to our "at least I'm not that guy" self-reassurances. His name is Michael Kosko, he's an I.T. worker in Albany, and he "didn't have two singles" to chuck in the pool that day. And he declined to take a $2 loan from a coworker. Bummer.

Is the Carnival Splendor Cruise Ship Cursed?

Max Read · 11/10/10 01:35AM

The Carnival Splendor, a cruise ship bound for the Mexican Riviera, has been drifting off the coast of Mexico since a fire disabled engine operating systems. But it's not the first time the ship's run into trouble.