IBM wants to sell you a chimera

Nick Douglas · 10/10/07 04:39PM

As mascots go, I wouldn't have picked a cowducken. But that's what IBM is using to sell its Lotus Notes software. A marketing campaign with the slogan "Create Simplicity" lets you mix and match animal parts as a metaphor for its all-in-one office software. The unwieldy chimeras make me think of a hideous mound of software with poorly matched parts — probably not what IBM was going for.

America to reproduce industry-changing success of "Next Top Model," "American Idol"

Nick Douglas · 09/27/07 04:00PM

"What does the average person know about venture? Well, maybe a lot. Consider that [venture capitalists] have invested in such bad deals as Webvan and" Venture capitalist Mark Modzelewski thus argues that because "experts" suck at picking good investees, we may as well throw it to the swine. Of course, this reasoning is bullshit meant to flatter the public that Mark hopes to interest in "You Be the VC," his new program in which regular people decide which startup deserves an investment. Oh yes, public elections are a perfect way to ensure smart decisions. Just ask Sanjaya Malakar or George Bush.