Uber Turned on Surge Pricing for People Fleeing Sydney Hostage Scene

Jay Hathaway · 12/15/14 11:23AM

In the midst of a hostage situation in downtown Sydney, Australia, Ayn Rand's favorite car service, Uber, turned on its wildly expensive surge pricing for customers trying to get away from the armed siege. And lest you think this was the fault of an insensitive algorithm that detected high demand, the company tweeted that it was aware of the attack and had raised prices for the fleeing people's own good.

Lacey Donohue · 11/26/13 10:52PM

The nonprofit advocacy group Public Citizen has volunteered to represent Jen and John Palmer—the coupled fined $3500 for posting a negative review online—in a case against Their lawyer, Scott Michelman, has written a letter demanding the company "fix the situation" by Dec. 16 or face a lawsuit.

​Woman Fined $3500 for Leaving a Negative Review Online

Lacey Donohue · 11/17/13 11:19PM

Like many consumers who have had a bad experience, Jen Palmer wrote a review online in 2008 after the Christmas presents her husband ordered from never arrived. Years later, thanks to her online review, the couple is facing a damaged credit score and a $3,500 fine.

Financial Times Charges Execs $4000 To Get Harassed On A Social Network

Nick Douglas · 02/25/08 03:24PM

Trying to keep the Poors out of its exclusive social network, the Financial Times is charging £2000 for an annual membership in the "FT Media and Technology Executive Membership Forum." This includes discounts on FT conferences, where all the real networking is done anyway. Really, can you imagine joining this site and messaging another exec because you don't have enough pull to e-mail them? I can, and that's why this is such a terrible idea for anyone with valuable time.