Backpack With Message "USA Bomb" Left At Muslim Residence (UPDATED)

Camille Dodero · 04/29/13 01:36PM

Nimer Ead is a 55-year-old design engineer who resides in Woonsocket, Rhode Island. He also happens to be Muslim. This past Saturday, a neighbor noticed a strange backpack in the yard outside the three-family building where Ead shares a first-floor apartment with his family and called the police. State bomb investigators responded, discovering a black-and-tan backpack that had no explosives or dangerous contents, but included the ambiguously ominous phrase, "USA Bomb."

Every Single Person in America is Pissed at NBC's Olympic Coverage

Jessica Benjestorf · 07/30/12 01:15PM

If you live somewhere in the United States, have a TV, and prefer not to live in a world where Ryan Seacrest trumps some ol' fashioned global communing, then you are probably royally P.O.'ed. at NBC. Their warped coverage of the Olympic games—ostensibly having been geared towards its U.S. audience—has left much to be desired.

Stop Whining About the New Netflix 'Crackdown'

Ryan Tate · 09/07/11 11:16AM

Still reeling from a debilitating $6 per month price increase, Netflix customers have a new policy to get all bitchy about: The video service now limits how many steams you can watch at once. Cue the entitlement!

Furious Customers Overwhelm Netflix

Ryan Tate · 07/14/11 02:50PM

Netflix's phone lines are overloaded, its blog comments maxed out and its hate mail has become a trending topic on Twitter. All because of a $6 price hike.

The Wikileaks 'War Logs' Media Backlash Is Here

Hamilton Nolan · 07/26/10 04:11PM

Last night, Wikileaks—which is not a classic professional media organization!—got one of the biggest scoops of the year with its trove of documents on the Afghanistan war. The day-later meta-media insta-reaction: "That's not such a scoop, meh."

The Michael Cera Backlash Begins

Richard Rushfield · 09/02/09 02:05PM

It's a razor thin line between being the coolest person on the planet and being the uncoolest person on the planet, and hoodie hearthrob Michael Cera may just have crossed over.

Tim Russert Coverage: The Backlash Begins

ian spiegelman · 06/14/08 01:26PM

Less than a day after Tim Russert died of a heart attack at 58, his life and death have received so much coverage that some bloggers-who need to have opinions on everything-are complaining about the coverage, and that, too, of course, is being covered. Both The New York Times and the Stranger focus on one particular note of dissension from John Cole of Balloon Juice. The rant, and a lot more Russert coverage, after the jump.

Why David Simon Should Shut Down The Wire

Nick Denton · 02/20/08 11:19AM

Devotees of The Wire, myself among them, should be delighted by this hint given by one of the HBO drama's actors. Dominic West, who plays the increasingly manic police detective, Jimmy McNulty, tells the Los Angeles Times some of his colleagues are lobbying David Simon for a movie spinoff, and the show's creator is indeed considering a prequel. But here's the sacrilegious thought, which I can't suppress: the final season is not the triumph that fans had hoped for; and it's time for Simon to let go.