Ellie Kemper: Your Next Movie Star

Richard Lawson · 06/14/11 05:00PM

The little lady's got some heat on her, fresh off of one hit and onto a potential second one. Also today: Tom Cruise likes 'em big, two actors join the fight against the zombies, and J.Lo might J.Go.

Bachelor Pad Proves to Be the Classiest Show on TV Once Again

Morgan Barry · 09/07/10 05:15PM

Last night Elizabeth and Kovacks went off to the Fantasy Suite for some quality time, but even after some "awesome" pillow talk Elizabeth still wasn't feeling the romance. Maybe she's expecting too much, maybe their signals are crossed. You decide.

Bachelor Pad: "Who Has the Worst Boob Job?"

nightintern · 08/31/10 05:13PM

In one of the worst moments on TV last night, the tie-breaking question in some awful Bachelor Pad competition asked which female contestant had the worst breast implants. Really? New question: Is this the worst show on TV?

Bachelor Pad Stays Classy With a Kissing Contest

Erica Hyman · 08/24/10 01:35PM

Of course Bachelor Pad had a kissing competition. Continuing the show's attempts to turn into a slutty VH1 reality train wreck, the "best kisser" won a rose and a date. Unsurprisingly, several contestants thought this was the best challenge ever.

Sneak Preview of ABC's Bachelor Pad

Lissette Aguilar · 07/27/10 05:35PM

Last night during the lackluster "Men Tell All" edition of The Bachelorette, audiences were introduced to ABC's new all-star Bachelor/Bachelorette spin-off, Bachelor Pad that will premiere in two weeks after the Final Rose Ceremony. Inside, a preview of the show.