Little Girl Meets Her Dad's Twin for the First Time, Reacts Pricelessly

Neetzan Zimmerman · 01/13/14 09:04AM

Being introduced to the concept of identical twins for the first time must certainly mess with the minds of little children, so you can just imagine what it would be like for a child if the first identical twin they meet is their father's brother.

Crawling Dogs Race Crawling Baby In Internet-Eradicating Video

Neetzan Zimmerman · 10/10/13 11:56AM

A pair of adorable Alaskan Malamutes mimic the crawling of a bouncy baby boy in a video so overpoweringly cute it may well crash every last one of the Internet's global servers, plunging humanity into an Age of Darkness so bleak, the only thing keeping hope alive will be the memory, passed down from generation to generation, of that video with the two dogs crawling next to a baby.

This Baby Belting Out an Elvis Tune Will Satisfy Your Need for Cute

Neetzan Zimmerman · 08/09/13 08:03AM

Ella Mae may only be 21 months old and not really versed in American history or fluent in the English language, but that hardly stops her from singing adorably along to Elvis Presley's popular take on Mickey Newbury's "An American Trilogy."

Adorable Toddler Flubs the Word 'Banana' Rather Spectacularly

Neetzan Zimmerman · 12/28/12 09:38AM

Little Payton has the word "apple" pretty down pat, but "banana" might take a while longer. In the meantime, the two-year-old should probably stick to doing what she does best: Initiating her mechanical dad's humor sequence.