Baby Seal Tries to be Fierce

Maureen O'Connor · 03/23/12 05:04PM

National Geographic Digital Nomad Andrew Evans visited a remote Antarctic island populated by fur seals, and made a video of the absurdly cute baby seals he met there. Check out the baby seal trying to be fierce at 0:15. He thinks he's roaring with fury, but the sound he creates is akin to a toddler's naptime snore. [Cute Overload, Digital Nomad, @WheresAndrew]

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Hamilton Nolan · 10/09/09 11:18AM

Sometimes you just want to grab The American Consumer about the shoulders, and shake him, and yell: "Hey, stop being such a sucker!" Because...OMG a fuzzy wuzzy baby seal! I must buy so much Dawn® brand product, or he dies.