People Editor Calls Times Allegations 'Totally Bogus'

Hamilton Nolan · 11/21/08 04:12PM

High profile press fight! People magazine editor Larry Hackett just sent out an internal memo blasting the page one New York Times story today about People's alleged shady dealings with Angelina Jolie. Specifically, the Times cited two anonymous sources "with knowledge of the bidding" for the photos of Jolie and Brad Pitt's most recent newborns—which cost People $14 million—who said that there was an formal agreement that "obliged" the magazine to offer only positive coverage. Of course, as Hackett acknowledges, their coverage was positive; but he strongly asserts that the magazine would never "purposely slant coverage as condition for acquiring pictures." And indeed, the Times may have oversold that angle in their story. There's certainly a difference between what Jolie asks for, and what a magazine would explicitly "promise" to do. Read his full memo below:

People Wins Brangelina Baby Pics?

Hamilton Nolan · 07/31/08 09:58AM

People magazine has won the heated bidding war for the new Brangelina baby pictures, according to a report (unconfirmed, so far) on, who puts the winning bid at "between $10 million and $15 million." Rumors of a $15 million payday for the tot photos surfaced almost two months ago. People was bidding against OK!-where publisher Richard Desmond was reportedly so determined to land the rights that he was leading the negotiations personally. If People really walked away the victor here, they will have succeeded in staving off (temporarily) OK!'s ominous ambition to corner the baby picture market. [JustJared]

Brangelina Baby Shoot Booked Even Before Bidding Complete

Hamilton Nolan · 07/15/08 03:47PM

Brangelina spawn photo war update! We hear that Getty is scheduled to do the photo shoot of Angelina Jolie's new twins on Monday. Knox and Vivienne are officially entering the celebrity media machine, and it's about time! The twist, of course, is that the bidding war between OK! and People for the rights to the photos is still ongoing. The price was hovering between $11 and $12 million this morning, and we hear it hasn't been decided yet. We know you are dying to know who will walk away the victor. A speculative look, and a guess:

Is OK! Cornering The Baby Picture Market?

Hamilton Nolan · 07/09/08 03:32PM

America's celebrity magazines are facing a grave situation: the interest in celebrities themselves is not great enough to move the millions of copies they need to sell. No, all that people really want to see are celebrity babies. That's where the money is these days. But the vital open flow of capital in our national celebrity baby picture market is being threatened by OK! magazine's blatant pandering and deep pockets. Can we accept a bunch of sleazy, credulous Brits winning the first $15 million-plus baby picture auction? It staggers the mind! Here is the nature of the threat:

Tiger Woods' Daughter Off-White, Maybe Even Taupe

abalk · 06/26/07 10:00AM

The New York Post today fronts a photo of golfer Tiger Woods with his smoking-hot wife and new daughter Sam. While commending Woods for releasing the pictures without seeking remuneration, the paper is totally confused about his offspring's ethnicity.