Bieber's Alleged Baby Mama to Friend: 'I'll Kick U When We Get Paid'

Lauri Apple · 11/17/11 04:53AM

Text-messaging: It's so convenient! But also so inappropriate in certain social situations—like when proposing marriage, proposing divorce, proposing, am I missing one? Oh yes, this one: When telling friends to erase text messages that might derail your Justin Bieber-related baby scheme. Looking at U, Mariah Yeater.

'H&K' Vs. Poehler/Fey, Defending Bette Midler, and Other New Movie Dilemmas

STV · 04/25/08 11:15AM

Deciphering your moviegoing options for the third week running, Defamer Attractions returns today with a look at the final weekend before the studios spill summer in our lap. Today we gauge Tina Fey's chances for box office superiority, corral the highest-profile dog since 88 Minutes (that was only last week? Really?), recommend a certain Oscar-winning actress's directing debut and scan the new arrivals shelf for DVD's of notice. As always, our opinions are our own, but they're also right. You can thank us later!

Baby Mama Will Tell Us What To Think About Women

Richard Lawson · 04/25/08 10:47AM

So Tina Fey's new movie Baby Mama comes out today! It's a very important movie because it will once and for all decide if she is the funniest woman in America or absolutely no one. Yes indeed. And in doing so, Tina Fey will finally determine for all of us if, in fact, women are funny. You see this isn't just a comedy with a woman in it. It's a comedy starring a woman! A woman with her own TV show! And her costar is a woman too! Not since Gloria Steinem wrote and directed the Cameron Diaz vehicle The Sweetest Thing has there been such an important comedy film for and about womyn (that was written and directed by a man). This is the most important 96 minutes of Ms. Fey's career, but also in the history of our gender war. It's important that we go into the theater informed, so we may properly participate in this historic debate. After the jump find a small digest of the film's reviews.

The Coming Tina Fey Backlash

Alex Carnevale · 04/23/08 02:35PM

Everyone loves Tina Fey, and she hopes it stays that way. Her new film Baby Mama opens the Tribeca Film Festival tonight, and in an interview with Reuters today she admits, "You would be foolish to think, 'Oh everyone has really discovered that I am truly, truly wonderful.'" Her anticipation of her own backlash, aside, when a star argues that she is "not entirely selling out," you know the fear of the 'lash is in her heart. Baby Mama's opening weekend faces steep competition from stoner comedy Harold and Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay, and with her NBC show 30 Rock moving into a new time slot, Fey's distinctive appeal needs to last a bit longer. Here are the troubling signals that Tina's edgy humor and general cuteness may be waning.

Marketing 'Baby Mama': Universal Tries The Kitchen Sink Approach

Mark Graham · 04/22/08 06:45PM

Ever since Mean Girls became a runaway success back in 2004, Tina Fey has been riding a wave of near universal acclaim. Her ability to ride that tasty wave of popularity for the last four years without succumbing to any nasty wipeouts has arguably turned her into the Laird Hamilton of the Writers-Turned-Performers circuit. But when Baby Mama hits theaters this weekend, all of that cred that she has built up will be put to the test. Not only has Variety's Todd McCarthy gone on record calling it "exceedingly predictable", but Videogum has been trumpeting the notion that "Tina Fey-Tigue" is about to set in for the last week and some change. Recognizing that this film doesn't exactly fit the mold of traditional studio comedies (namely, in that it stars two female protagonists), Universal has been throwing a bunch of dollars at Baby Mama television advertising over the last few weeks, alternately positioning the film as a Tina Fey Vehicle, a film In Which Amy Poehler Steals The Show and, gasp, as something that even sports-loving, beer guzzling men will dig (specifically, by scoring the spots with The Cars' dude-friendly power pop anthem "Just What I Needed").

While all three of these spots appear after the jump, we thought it would be fun to enlist Defamer's videographer par excellence Molly McAleer to cut a commercial for the film that would play to all the thrill-seeking teens who have made Prom Night one of this spring's surprise B.O. hits (above). Feel free to use our cut, Universal marketing team — all we ask for is a link in return. Enjoy!