Sara Underwood Is "Bustice," the One-Woman Dynamic Duo

Chris Wyman · 03/16/11 11:00AM

With a Playmate of the Year on staff, it was only a matter of time before the G4TV fanboys developed a cleavage-powered super-heroine. Honestly, we expected to cringe our way through this misadventure, but it's actually kind of cute.

Hot Chicks Have Trouble Getting Certain Jobs

Max Read · 08/09/10 09:02PM

Attractive women are discriminated against in certain professions, according to a recent study that asked participants to sort photographs of job applicants based on their "suitability for the job." But what kind of jobs aren't suitable for a total babe?

MANswers Tries To Make Jury Duty Sexy and Fails

David Matthews · 02/11/10 01:25PM

In the MANswers universe, anything that isn't tangentially connected to babes is a waste of time. So, according to them, jury duty is the biggest waste of time in the world.