The Virginia Mall Shooting Was Announced in Advance on 4chan

Max Read · 04/12/13 03:34PM

Minutes before an unidentified gunman opened fire at a Virginia mall on Friday afternoon, a user of the 4chan message boards seemingly announced his plans to undertake a mass shooting, providing exact details of the location and timing of the coming spree.

Is 4chan Turning Into Internet Good Guys?

Adrian Chen · 09/02/10 10:01PM

4chan, the anarchic Internet messageboard, appears to be experiencing an identity crisis. Whereas terror campaigns against tweens were once planned amid stomach-churning images, a strong streak of do-gooderism has taken hold. In fact, 4chan is being downright nice these days.

4chan Founder Tries To Explain 'B-Tard' To Federal Prosecutors

Ryan Tate · 08/10/10 02:26PM

Called to testify against the Sarah Palin email "hacker," 4chan founder Chris Poole somehow found himself delivering a federal courtroom tutorial on the meaning of "newfag" and other slang from his anarchic message board. Lulz are now in session.

4chan Founder Seeks Hackers

Ryan Tate · 07/27/10 07:53PM

Chris Poole is looking for hackers for his new startup Canvas Networks, which is pretty strange considering the last website he started, 4chan, is notoriously a place teeming with, uh, hackers. Going legit isn't always an intuitive process.

4chan Hackers Attack Gawker Again

Ryan Tate · 07/20/10 04:47PM

Anarchic internet hangout 4chan sent a little more hate Gawker's way today, launching a denial of service attack against our website, spamming our email accounts and even trying to bother one staffer's spouse. All so we'd stop talking about them.

The Art of Trolling: Inside a 4chan Smear Campaign

Adrian Chen · 07/17/10 03:59PM

Last night, the users of 4Chan.org's notorious /b/ message board declared war on the lead singer of an obscure electro-pop band. More than 12 hours later, they're still waging it. This is how the Internet's worst trolls work.