J.K. Trotter · 04/13/16 10:35PM

Recode asks: “Did Jack Dorsey send beard shavings to rapper Azealia Banks to promote Square Cash?” Well—did he? For the GIF-filled answer, click here.

Selfishness Is Not Sociology

Rich Juzwiak · 03/23/16 01:05PM

Woe be unto those who conflate the way things are with the way things play out in their social media feeds. Steve Grand, an internet-famous gay musician, now has plenty of evidence of this after an observation of his in an interview with PrideSource caused a furor, by the internet’s standards (but in actuality is just people weighing in on a thing that other people are talking about because all we have is time to fill between our being born and dying). To interviewer Chris Azzopardi, Grand said:

Here's Lady Gaga Supposedly Talking Shit on Azealia Banks

Rich Juzwiak · 09/09/13 01:06PM

Earlier today, Lady Gaga graced the stage of Good Morning America to perform a Wizard of Oz-styled spin on "Applause," complete with several costume changes. (This era, she's really intent on wowing us with how many times she can change her costumes in one song, and I will admit that it is a nice distraction from the actual song.) During some down time, she supposedly talked to her attending "Little Monsters" about part-time rapper, full-time Twitter troll Azealia Banks. Banks was once rumored to appear on Gaga's upcoming ARTPOP album. Banks also recently attacked Gaga on Twitter for adopting and advocating a mermaid-inspired style, as Banks has also done. "Hey! No fair! You stole my mermaid style!" is an argument an actual 22-year-old woman made to another grown woman.

Azealia Banks Called Perez Hilton a "Faggot," But That Doesn't Make Her a Homophobe

Rich Juzwiak · 01/05/13 09:45AM

For the better part of the past 48 hours, 21-year-old New York rapper Azealia Banks (best known for her 2011 viral hit "212") has been holding the attention of her Twitter followers hostage. First it was a Twitter beef with fellow 21-year-old hip-hop up-and-comer Angel Haze, which resulted in a swapping of dis tracks. And then, last night, she really had people freaking out when, during a spat with Perez Hilton resulting from his #TeamAngelHaze status, she called him a "messy faggot":

Today's Song: Azealia Banks featuring Styles P 'Nathan'

Rich Juzwiak · 07/02/12 01:55PM

Between the steely beat, the timbre of her voice and her flow, Ms. Banks is serving "Is That Your Chick?"-era Missy Elliott on "Nathan," a song from her Fantasea mixtape, due out next week. It's just as well: if Missy's not going to release robotic, just-leftfield-enough hip-hop, I'm glad that someone's doing it. Aided by producers Drums of Death, Azealia continues to impress and Style P's verse is fantastic, too. Dig his Batman words.

All the Girls Standing in the Line For the Rap Show: Iggy Azalea's Sudden Rise

Emma Carmichael · 06/14/12 03:25PM

Iggy Azalea almost wasn't Internet-famous. Last summer, the native Australian was living in Los Angeles, and after what was supposed to be two weeks in Miami at age 16 had turned into five years spent in four cities throughout the states, she was down to the last of her savings. She had one shot left, and so she used that money to film the music video for "PU$$Y," a song off her first mixtape.

A Post-Gotye Pop Landscape: Three New Albums You Will Listen to This Week

Rich Juzwiak · 05/30/12 06:10PM

Sometimes, the gods — otherwise known as music label execs — smile down upon us, and we're blessed with a great moment in pop. I don't know if our current moment is one for the ages, but it is really fucking enjoyable. In the U.S., Gotye's weirdo Sting/Zombies mash-up earworm, "Somebody That I Used to Know" is No. 1 for the sixth week. We love that song. Carly Rae Jespen's "Call Me Maybe" is at No. 2, poised to take over the top position whenever Gotye falls. That's another song we love. And Adam Lambert is the first out artist to hit No. 1 on the Billboard 200 album chart. Trespassing, his sophomore effort, is yet another thing we love. (Update: Lambert falls to No. 12 on next week's chart. But let's live in the moment?)

Shocker: Rapper Who Talks About Her 'Cunt Getting Eaten' by Girls Is Bisexual

Hamilton Nolan · 02/02/12 11:38AM

Azealia Banks is the smiley young crush object of certain internet types due in no small part to lyrics like, "Kick it with ya bitch that come from Parisian/ She know where I get mine from, end of season/ Now she wanna lick my plum in the evening/ And fit that tongue-tongue d-deep in/ I guess that cunt gettin eaten." She's also harboring a deep, dark secret, revealed for the first time officially in John Ortved's New York Times profile of her today:

A Theory As to Why So Many People on the Internet Have an Insatiable Crush on Azealia Banks

Hamilton Nolan · 01/30/12 12:03PM

I think it's because she talks about oral sex just as much as Lil Kim but instead of Biggie in the background there's some kinda nerdy guy and so some people on the internet do a double take and say "The pretty smiling dancing girl in pigtails and short shorts who loves oral sex sometimes hangs out with kinda nerdy guys? Ah HMMMM."

What's New in Music

James Apsimon · 10/17/11 04:57PM

Looks like it's over between Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore, the alt-rock power couple of Sonic Youth. With the future of the band uncertain, a number of artists, young and old, have already stepped forward to fill the void. Let's listen in.