Kanye West Thinks His Wife's Stupid App Is a Rip-Off

John Cook · 10/09/15 11:10PM

Fatherhood changes a man, which explains why Twitter oracle Kanye West took a charmingly domestic turn tonight, warning parents everywhere of the dangers that stupid little iPad games present when placed in the hands of children: Those stubby little fingers will click on those colorful in-app purchase buttons, racking up charges to daddy’s iTunes account.

Ayelet Waldman: "Those Vile Scumbag Kardashian Pigs" Made My Son Cry

Leah Finnegan · 08/04/14 10:15AM

The Bay Area is flooding—with tears. A torrent is pouring from the home of writer Ayelet Waldman and her husband Michael Chabon (whom she loves more than her children), where, Waldman writes, the couple's 11-year-old son has been robbed of $120 by "Kim Kardashian: Hollywood," a cartoon game that one plays for leisure on his cellular or tablet device.

Tom Scocca · 04/09/14 04:41PM

Lifestyle controversialist Ayelet Waldman and novelist Michael Chabon, but mostly Waldman, overshare the decor of their Craftsman bungalow with Remodelista. Pick your favorite line. ("The house was built in 1907 by a physician," Ayelet says. "Someone in the historical society told us he did abortions.")

The Movie Director Who Couldn't Get Any Movies Made

Richard Lawson · 03/08/11 04:36PM

Attend the tale of a movie director who has lost two big pictures in a row. It's a sad one. Also today: more pilot casting news of course, AMC teases their latest show, The Event crashes and burns, and a little Greek send-off.

The Other Woman: Natalie Portman Is a Homewrecker

Richard Lawson · 12/28/10 09:53AM

Here's a trailer for the Don Roos film The Other Woman, a drama filmed two years ago that's just now getting a small release, possibly now that Natalie Portman is the movie star of the moment. It looks good?

Just 'Chill' About Adam Lambert's Gayness

Ryan Tate · 11/18/09 04:27PM

Rachel Sklar went without pants, Julia Allison went without sleep/discretion and Adam Lambert said you can go without him being too obviously gay in your magazine. The Twitterati were deprived and depriving.

How Ayelet Waldman Stole Christmas

Emily Gould · 11/27/07 04:30PM

Ayelet "Michael Chabon's wife" Waldman, the most happily married woman in America ("our sex life - always vital, even torrid - is more exciting and imaginative now than it was when we first met") is at it again, this time oversharing in the pages of Harper's Bazaar. Unusually, she's venturing out of the marital bed and into the rest of her bliss-filled household, talking about how she and her brood celebrate the holidays. Once upon a time, she says, she coveted her gentile friends' pine-scented rituals, but that all ended when she met Her Husband. "Inclusion in any culture other than the one we were making together no longer mattered to me."

Obama Campaign Undermined By Author Couple

Emily · 04/27/07 04:40PM

Real caption: "We strongly believe that Barack Obama is the only candidate who can lead us out of the mess George Bush made. We've set our own personal fundraising goal for the campaign, which you can see in the thermometer to the right. Will you make a donation to help us reach our goal?" Realer caption: "Ayelet, honey, it's been three days since we finished taking the photo. My whole side is getting numb. Could you maybe let go? Okay, or least stop squeezing so hard?"

Michael Chabon's New Book Used To Really Suck

Emily · 04/27/07 11:31AM

Apparently Michael Chabon's new book has been troubled with a bad case of being crap. We've been trying to keep an open mind about The Yiddish Policemen's Union, but he's not making it easy. For starters, it's written in a "hard-boiled, Yiddish-inflected patois." Also, the only thing we've heard about Michael since The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay won a Pulitzer in 2001 has been his personal child-bearer Ayelet Waldman's irrepressible oversharing about his sexual prowess. Now we learn that HarperCollins pulled it from their publication schedule at the last minute! "While long gestation periods and multiple drafts aren't unusual in the publishing industry, the time and effort expended on behalf of Mr. Chabon's vision are illustrations of the book's importance to HarperCollins," the reporter claims. Exactly. Just switch the word "aren't" with the word "are," and the words "the book's importance" with the words "the book's terribleness," and that sentence becomes almost true.