God is Punishing Michele Bachmann's Campaign Staffers With Empty Pockets Because They Won't Sign Nondisclosure Agreements

Jordan Sargent · 01/10/13 11:40PM

Everything that happens on Earth is the work of God. Hurricanes? God. Earthquakes? God. Michele Bachmann not coming anywhere remotely close to winning the GOP nomination for president? God. Bachmann not paying her campaign staffers because they refuse to sign nondisclosure agreements? I hate it to say it, but that's God's will, y'all. Win some, lose some (to God).

Baby Seal Tries to be Fierce

Maureen O'Connor · 03/23/12 05:04PM

National Geographic Digital Nomad Andrew Evans visited a remote Antarctic island populated by fur seals, and made a video of the absurdly cute baby seals he met there. Check out the baby seal trying to be fierce at 0:15. He thinks he's roaring with fury, but the sound he creates is akin to a toddler's naptime snore. [Cute Overload, Digital Nomad, @WheresAndrew]

This Is What Happens When You Tickle a Baby Penguin

Max Read · 04/17/11 05:33PM

We know. We know! Cutesy internet baby animal bullshit is just the worst. Worse even than email signatures with inspirational quotes! What are we, your aunt? And yet we are helpless in the face of this baby penguin being tickled. You watch it, and tell us that you wouldn't have posted it, too.

Nine-Year-Old Raises $2.85 for Gabrielle Giffords

Max Read · 01/21/11 12:53AM

Looking to have a nice little cry? Not a sad one, but a sort of sweet, hopeful, lump-in-the-throat kind of deal? Meet nine-year-old Isaac Saldana, who, behind his mother's back, sold his toys to donate $2.85 to Rep. Gabrielle Giffords.

Santa Claus Is a Gay Couple Living in Chelsea

Max Read · 12/24/10 11:17AM

Click to viewHundreds of kids in New York City think that Santa Claus lives on West 22nd Street. He does not (he lives in the North Pole, duh)—these two guys do. But after receiving 450 letters, they're helping out anyway.

Wedding Toast Morphs Into a Broadway Show-Stopper

Andrew Throdahl · 09/14/10 03:23PM

As a surprise to the bride, her friends and family spontaneously broke out into song at the reception. Even if you aren't a fan of musicals, you'll probably still go "awwwww-uh!" Watch the clip after the jump.

A Leopard Can't Change His Shot

Max Read · 08/11/10 02:17AM

[This is a snow leopard cub at the Oklahoma City Zoo, investigating the photographer's camera. So cute! But yeah, it would actually eat you, for sure. Pic via AP.]

Gyrating Baby Dances His Way in to Our Hearts

Kristina Lucarelli · 06/17/10 12:31PM

Dancing babies, aren't they the greatest? This kid takes it to a new level, complete with table top groovy hip shaking and Elvis style finger pointing. All set to salsa music. Sweet dance moves? Check. Potty Training? Pending.

The Cutest U.N. Commission of All Time

Max Read · 05/17/10 12:30AM

For his new installation, Australian artist Bennett Miller has assembled a meeting of the U.N. Commission on Human Rights in the Melbourne Museum plaza. The part that is "art" is that all of the delegates are dogs. All together: Awwwwww.