Things I Hate About Weddings

Brian Moylan · 04/28/11 10:55PM

With the royal wedding just hours away and the resultant media coverage as frenzied as a pack of screeching women at a bachelorette party, we're all thinking a lot about weddings at the moment. I decided that I hate weddings, and here are some of the reasons why.

In 76 Countries Being Gay Is a Crime

Jeff Neumann · 08/01/10 03:43PM

A charity network released a study of gay rights around the world and the results are terrifying: 76 countries prosecute people for their sexual orientation, and seven of those use the death penalty to punish same sex acts. [Independent]

Was Last Night's SNL Really The Worst Episode Ever?

Foster Kamer · 11/15/09 03:30PM

So, here at SNL Digest, we're trying to have a hopeful, kind conversation about a show—and a tradition—we hold dear, the slope of its decline regardless. But last night's January Jones episode? One word: disaster. How disaster-y?

New "Ad Rap" Genre Is Just Awful

Hamilton Nolan · 02/08/08 10:48AM

It was bound to happen eventually. The advertising industry, not satisfied with just paying off real rappers to mention Big Macs, has now released an entire rap album about advertising itself. "Strata G" is a copywriter in the Winston-Salem office of the Mullen agency , a fact he trumpets at length on "Straight Outta Winston," which combines the worst aspects of Vanilla Ice and the nerdcore movement. Viral marketing, son! After the jump, nod your head to G's nasal tones as he rhymes about his desire for ad industry awards, and reflect on how Hip-Hop went off the rails. [Adrants]