Dr. No Terrorizes Senate

Amdesi · 10/30/09 12:40AM

1. His Name is No, Dr. No - Some hippie was once so enthralled by his resistance to the word "yes" that s/he sent him a giant "NO" in gratitude. He loves it so.

It's My Zipper, Isn't It?

Foster Kamer · 05/30/09 12:45PM

A participant at the Wave Gothic Festival today in Leipzig, Germany. The music festival...spans four days and dozens of musical acts playing inside and outside venues across Leipzig. [Photo by Katja Buchholz, via Getty] Related.

When Will The Mainstream Media Pick Up Insane Pipeline Story?

Moe · 09/17/08 12:00PM

Natural resource pipelines are essential but controversial. Some people argue they are God's will, others believe they are unsightly and hazardous to all the beautiful nature God wanted us to enjoy. So many crafty individuals go through the mindboggling trouble of building such things way underwater where they are less unsightly. Well guess what some crafty Russian individuals did after building one of these undersea pipelines to Estonia? They pumped it full of vodka, 'course!And sold it on the black market. Or tried to sell it, anyway. Says the AFP:

Rare Photos Of Banksy In Action

Hamilton Nolan · 07/31/08 02:05PM

You thought that the search for new pictures of the mysterious world-famous street artist Banksy had come to an end? It has not! Our earlier shot at digging up photos of the maybe-identified but still unseen artist turned out to (probably) not be him. But! A tipster has sent us a lovely present: three still shots of Banksy in action, taken from a UK documentary filmed in 2000, when he was less obsessive about hiding his identity. We also have two photos of Banksy that were featured in an article in the UK's Squall magazine (now defunct) back in 2000. And for the finale: two art prints that are reportedly drawings of Banksy in profile, dressed as the Queen of England. None are full-on face shots; but this is probably the first time all these rarely-seen images have been collected in one place. Click through to explore. Stills from the 2000 UK documentary Boom or Bust, by filmmaker Si Mitchell:

Scientist: You Can't Get Drunk On Beer

Pareene · 07/16/08 04:32PM

A Yale professor of physiology has scientifically proven that's impossible to get drunk on beer. It's true! The numbers don't lie! So drink away, citizens—at work, at home, at breakfast, anytime! Of course, there's a catch: this scientician decided this in 1955, when things were simultaneously much more uptight and also sooo much cooler.

Battlestar Galactica: This Week in Space

ian spiegelman · 04/26/08 01:05PM

Here is this week's roundup of the Sci-Fi Channel's rocking space opera Battlestar Galactica, from notes I took last night from deep within a liter of Johnny Walker Red Lable. (And here are the other weeks.) Could be spoilers, could maybe not be-how would I know?

Walken Returns to SNL

ian spiegelman · 04/06/08 03:42PM

Okay, so it wasn't "Cowbell" but Christopher's Walken's "Family Reunion" skit From yesterday's Saturday Night Live cracked me up pretty good. It's posted here. [via OhNoTheyDidn't]

Choire · 11/05/07 02:40PM

Charles Kaiser, author of "The Gay Metropolis" and the go-to man on New York Times exegesis, and also the man I have been stalking for years because he seriously needs to be my gay lover, is now the Monday media critic for Radar. His first column today is a passel of crazy and it could not be more enjoyable. He trashes Andrew Sullivan and Howie Kurtz, interviews Times editorial page editor Andy Rosenthal (who calls Times executive editor Bill Keller "crazy"), disses that ridiculous Obama-in-New-York story from last week, and counts the white people on the Sunday T.V. chatshows (answer: all of them). [Radar]

Choire · 11/02/07 10:45AM

The greatest thing you'll read all day: Harper's web dude Paul Ford (AKA Gary Benchley!) reveals 100 ways to say "I love you." IT IS INSANE! [The Morning News]

Is Courtney Thorne-Smith The Author Of The Next Great American Celebrity Novel?

Emily Gould · 07/27/07 09:10AM

"Fall," which now begins in late summer, has traditionally been the season when publishers bring out their heavy hitters. For Random House imprint Broadway, this fall's lead title is one of the most exciting they've ever published. It's by "one of America's most beloved television actresses" who "has had roles on (among other shows) 'Melrose Place' and 'According to Jim.'" Yes, we are talking about the debut novel of none other than Courtney Thorne-Smith, who, according to industry insiders, actually wrote the entire thing all by her own self. We don't yet have an advance reader's copy, so the book's description from Amazon will have to be what helps you determine where Thorne-Smith fits on the Paulina Porizkova-Ethan Hawke continuum.