Coffin Skydive Guy Is a King Among Men

Hamilton Nolan · 08/08/13 08:32AM

Escape artist Anthony Martin went skydiving while locked and chained inside a coffin. He freed himself while falling and parachuted to safety. I'm sorry, but that is awesome.

School Is Hell

Hamilton Nolan · 12/15/09 10:45AM

How academia should be: "'Hideous Gnosis,' a six-hour theory symposium on black-metal music" at a Williamsburg bar last weekend. Talks included "Perpetual Rot: Obsessive Cycles of Deterioration," on "'liminal death-space' in the work of Xasthur." Screw college. [NYT; Related]

Who Is Gawker Media Overlord Nick Denton's New Neighbor?

Foster Kamer · 11/22/09 12:30PM

I must've inadvertently done a rain dance to the gossip gods yesterday, because here at Gawker Weekend HQ, Christmas is here. Not often do I get too many O RLY?! moments like this. Everyone, meet my boss Nick's new neighbor: