Young Child Inspired to Ditch His Prosthetic Eye by One-Eyed Rapper Fetty Wap

Jordan Sargent · 09/17/15 05:30PM

Here is a wonderful story about the power of America’s most maligned art form: rap music. According to the mother of a young Colorado boy, her son has been inspired to go out in the world without his prosthetic eye after years of embarrassment thanks to the success of the suddenly and immensely popular rapper Fetty Wap, pictured above, who himself lost an eye at a young age.

Nominees For Homecoming King At Tennessee High School Give Crown to Student With Neurological Disorder

Jordan Sargent · 01/24/13 09:04PM

Scotty Maloney is this year's homecoming king at Unionville Community High School in Unionville, Tenn. Maloney didn't win a vote of his peers, nor was he nominated. Instead, Maloney was awarded the crown by the school's three finalists for homecoming king — they wanted to honor Maloney, who suffers from Williams Syndrome, which is a neurological disorder that limits his ability to learn and speak.

Happily Ever After

Foster Kamer · 06/06/09 05:45PM

On Tuesday, the New York Times' hosted a party for same-sex couples whose weddings have been featured in the Times' Weddings pages. has a wonderful, picturesque gallery of the attendees (including former NJ Governor Jim McGreevy). [

Sesame Street Taking On Williamsburg Hipsters, Live!

Foster Kamer · 06/06/09 05:06PM

An exclusive citizen's report from the main drag of Hipster Brooklyn - Bedford Avenue - gives us photographic evidence of a twee takeover of NYC's most gentrified 'hood earlier today: Sesame Street was filming in Williamsburg.

She Probably Hated Celine Dion, To Be Honest

Foster Kamer · 05/31/09 04:28PM

The last living survivor from the Titanic died today at 97. Millvina Dean was eight weeks-old when the boat went down. Her mother and brother made it off, her father died trying to rescue more passengers off the boat. Her obit's truly a great read. [LA Times]