Off-Duty Bomber Pilot Helps Land a United 737 After Captain Passes Out

Adam Weinstein · 06/02/14 04:35PM

United Flight 1637 was supposed to be a quick holiday jaunt for off-duty Air Force Captain Mike Gongol and his family. But when the 737's pilot suffered an apparent heart attack, Gongol ended up in the cockpit, helping guide the plane to an emergency landing that saved 160 souls.

Take a Tour of Donald Trump's Horribly Gaudy New Jet

Brian Moylan · 08/18/11 02:57PM

Donald Trump bought himself a gold-plated 757 so that he can cruise around the country and pretend like he's running for president in a desperate attempt to remain in the spotlight. Knowing how much everyone in America cares about the details of his private air fleet, Trump posted a video tour of the monstrosity on YouTube. Let's check it out.

Pissed-Off Acting Legend Pisses in Aisle of Airplane

Maureen O'Connor · 08/17/11 11:57AM

Gérard Depardieu was on an airplane with 100 other people and had to pee, but the flight attendant said he couldn't go until after takeoff. So the legendary French actor took matters into his own hands: He whipped out his dick and peed in the aisle. No, seriously:

Brooklyn Man Kicked off Airplane for Swearing

Maureen O'Connor · 06/13/11 01:40PM

Sitting in an airplane on a tarmac in Detroit, lifelong Brooklynite Robert Sayegh turned to his seatmate and said, "What's taking so fucking long to close the overheard compartments?" Shortly thereafter, the pilot turned the airplane around. Police removed Sayegh from the plane for being "disruptive."

Jumbo Jet Clips Small Plane at JFK

Matt Cherette · 04/12/11 12:13AM

Two planes collided at JFK tonight when an Air France Airbus A380—the world's largest commercial passenger jet—clipped a much smaller plane while taxiing on the runway.

Rapper Performs on an Airplane: A Cautionary Tale

Maureen O'Connor · 02/07/11 03:06PM

Grammy-nominated rapper B.o.B. performed his song "Airplanes" on a Delta airlines P.A. system. Now, cute as seeing this on Delta's official YouTube channel is, how annoying would it be to be forced to listen to B.o.B. warbling along to an MP3 of his own song, through a tinny airplane sound system? Can't we all just agree to sit in tense, angry silence when flying the friendly skies?

Watch a Pillow Fight Spontaneously Erupt on an Airplane

Brian Moylan · 11/10/10 02:01PM

Air travel can be so stressful these days. Passengers heading from Phoenix to Washington state livened it up recently with an in-flight pillow fight. It gets serious when someone shouts, "Throw them all into first!" and incites a class war.