Los Angeles Declares War on Pedestrians

Max Read · 12/26/13 09:06AM

In most places, walking, the fundamental process of mobility for humans, is an indispensable activity, on par with breathing. In Los Angeles it is a crime, with an associated $200 fine.

There Are No Used Cars For Sale Any More

Hamilton Nolan · 02/21/13 11:09AM

In my day, if you wanted to buy a car, you just opened up the "newspaper" to the "classified ads" section and looked under "used cars." (Later, you had to find some money also.) Things change. These days, none of those things in quotation marks exist any more.

Europeans Hate Cars

Hamilton Nolan · 02/19/13 03:25PM

Europe, an expensive overseas cooking school populated by pussies, is still busy finding ever more outrageous ways to offend American sensibilities. First, it was the whole WWII thing, which we had to go straighten out ourselves. Then there was Monty Python. (Was he making fun of us? I think he was making fun of us.) And now, these Eurotrash types are too good to buy cars, all of a sudden.

Is This School Bus Driver Fearless or Just an Idiot?

Matt Cherette · 01/23/11 09:58PM

Don't try this at home! Actually, don't try it anywhere—ever. Anyway, here's a four-minute video of a Nicaraguan school bus driver literally fording a raging river. Twice! (The bus is full, by the way.) Brave? Idiot? Brave idiot?

Germany's Downfall Will Be Facilitated by This Roundabout

Matt Cherette · 01/13/11 02:20PM

Here's a video that someone took over the course of an hour of a roundabout in Erfurt, Germany. After recording the massive, embarrassing confusion that occurred during the hour, our videographer edited it down to the best (worst) two-and-a-half minutes.

Watch Sanitation Workers Destroy a Ford Explorer in Brooklyn Today

Matt Cherette · 12/27/10 06:13PM

Here's some amateur video that was taken today in New York City's Brooklyn Heights neighborhood. Watch as sanitation workers attempt to free a snowbound front loader—and destroy a nearby Ford Explorer in the process. 2010's blizzard claims another!

A Collection of Russian Truck Driver Badassery

Matt Cherette · 12/02/10 02:34PM

In Soviet Russia, trucks don't drive around water—they drive through water! Or so it appears in this predictably insane video, featuring nearly three minutes of Russian truck drivers—and their vehicles of choice—plowing through seemingly unmaneuverable roadways. Watch inside.

This Mitsubishi Has a Case of the Mondays

Matt Cherette · 11/29/10 01:54PM

It's the Monday after a holiday. Naturally, everybody is a bit off. Sort of like this Mitsubishi 3G Eclipse, which—after some freezing rain in Minnesota last week—tried (and failed) to park on a nearly flat driveway. Watch inside.

Watch a Car Try, and Fail Miserably, to Park

Matt Cherette · 11/18/10 05:40PM

At first sight, there doesn't seem to be anything remarkable about this—just some surveillance footage of a car about to park in front of a shop. But wait! Because instead of parking... well, watch and see what happens.

Drunk Woman Interviewed Moments After Crashing Into a School Bus

Matt Cherette · 11/15/10 03:34PM

On Friday, Elizabeth Crull was arrested for DUI after crashing her car into a school bus in Orlando, Florida. Moments after the crash, Crull gave an... enlightening (read: still drunk) interview to a local news crew. Watch—and laugh—inside.