Hamilton Nolan · 07/02/15 02:30PM

Three Hidden Reasons Why Brands Struggle with Authenticity.” All three reasons are “Brands are illusory constructs built upon a foundation of cynicism for whom the concept of ‘authenticity’ is wholly nonsensical,” but it doesn’t say that in Ad Age for some reason.

Food Engineers Now Making Your Burger Look Cool, Casual, Real

Maggie Lange · 06/18/13 10:34AM

Like a pair of pre-ripped jeans from Abercrombie or a distressed logo tee from Zazzle, America's food conglomerates are embracing a more easy breezy natural look when it comes to your food. And as expected, making processed food seem unprocessed involves more processing.

Fiona Apple's Return: Critics Have Finally Found Their Authentic Pop Star, or Something

Rich Juzwiak · 06/21/12 09:50AM

By the time Lana del Rey released her album Born to Die in January, the discourse around her had swirled hard enough that critics merely had to push back for an angle. Many of the reviews served as backlash to the backlash regarding her persona, her inadequacy as a performer, and her deeply frivolous lyrics. Some of the best (/-paid) thinkers about pop music responded to her antagonist, the Internet, to say that it didn't matter if she changed her name from Lizzy Grant and obscured the real her with "gangster Nancy Sinatra" posturing. The biggest sham in question wasn't del Rey but the entire notion of "authenticity."

The Tyranny of Pretend Middle Classness

Pareene · 10/09/08 10:06AM

Hey, here's what we're sick of: middle classness! While some of your elite coastal media obsess over some made-up standard of "authenticity" (Sarah Palin's got it! That's all you need to know!), the new hot trend is "caring about the middle class." This is something Democrats are good at! They used to be good at appealing to the "working class" but now no one is sure how to define "working class," at all really. But we all know how to define the middle-class! It's everyone in America! Because everyone in America self-identifies as middle class, and America is so determined not to become Great Britain that we allow everyone to just make up whatever class they want for themselves (which is why rich people are middle class and young white college-educated Brooklynites are working class and Barack Obama is an elitist). Just this week, in a mostly decent column (surprisingly!), globalist Thomas Friedman lambasted John McCain and Sarah Palin for refusing to agree that paying taxes is patriotic. You see he should know what patiotism is, he is the middle class personified!

Hip Hop: Now Owned By Smirnoff

Hamilton Nolan · 02/27/08 11:17AM

Last night at a club called Element, on Houston Street, a line formed in the rain. Everyone in line was on the list for a free Smirnoff-sponsored concert featuring Common, Q-Tip, and KRS-ONE. The fact that everyone was on the list made them that much more put off that the doors opened 45 minutes late. "I'm with Diageo," moaned one girl. "I don't do lines."

Emily Gould · 12/14/07 02:15PM

BREAKING! Contrary to prior reports here today, now we hear that Patrick Moberg, who spotted flower-behind-the-ear-having Black Book intern Camille on the subway and later tracked her down via the internet, actually is less into her than she is into him. A lot less. Says someone in-the-know: "He did dump her...they're going to stay friends. It was amicable."

Joshua Stein · 12/14/07 01:25PM

BREAKING! We hear that Camille, that flower-behind-the-ear-having intern at Black Book who was spotted on the subway by Patrick Moberg and later located via the internet, isn't as into him as he is into her.