The Most Arnold Schwarzenegger-y Moment Ever

Maureen O'Connor · 10/07/11 04:45PM

In a sleepy Austrian hamlet today, a hulking superhuman lovingly caressed the buttock of a grotesquely muscled 8-foot-tall bronze state of himself.

Northern Exposure

Max Read · 01/07/11 03:51AM

[For this picture of spectators watching the Four Hill ski jumping tournament in Austria, AP photographer Kerstin Joensson exposed the film for a 10th of a second and rotated the camera during the exposure. Image via AP]

Archdiocese Pulls Confessional From eBay, Can't Be Used As a Bar

Jeff Neumann · 07/21/10 05:14AM

An Austrian Catholic priest got into trouble with the Vienna archdiocese this week after he listed his church's confessional on eBay. The listing said it could be used as a "one-person sauna, a small bar or a children's playhouse."

An Inception? That's Impossible.

Max Read · 07/19/10 01:15AM

[The extravagantly-costumed guests of the Vienna HIV charity Life Ball look more like characters from a dream than anyone in Inception. Pic via AP.]

Join the Austrian Army, Get Hot Austrian Tail

Mike Byhoff · 02/03/10 09:47AM

This ad may be a tad unbelievably sexist, given the prolonged, gratuitous shot of a girl's cleavage, but when it comes to the matter of protecting one's country, all bets are off.

Bareback Brownshirts! Fey Fascist Loved Fallen Leader

Pareene · 10/23/08 09:38AM

Jörg Haider, the leader of Austria's far-right Alliance for Austria's Future party, died this month in a high-speed car crash. He was drunk. Why was he drunk? Because, of course, he'd just had a terrible fight with his gay lover, who was also his 27-year-old protege and party deputy. After the fight, Haider went to a gay club and drank heavily with male escorts. Did we mention he was the leader of the far-right party? The one that's anti-immigrant and anti-European Union and pro-traditional family values? And that Haider was married with children? Haider's successor and lover, Stefan Petzner, is now speaking openly of his love for his neo-fascist boss.