That's Not a Shark—This Is a Shark

Brendan O'Connor · 08/31/15 10:55PM

How big was that shark? That shark was so big it scared famed Australian television personality Karl Stefanovic out of the water forever: “That’s the biggest thing I’ve ever seen.”

Man Accused of Creeping on Kids at Mall Was Just Taking Star Wars Selfie

Jay Hathaway · 05/12/15 10:38AM

A Melbourne, Australia mom posted a warning to Facebook last week about a creepy man who, she believed, had taken a picture of her kids in the children’s clothing section of the local mall Target. She followed the man and took his photo, she said, and police and mall security were on the case.

Dizzy Dog Doesn't Know How to Drive Dinghy, Does Donuts Instead

Andy Cush · 05/07/15 01:20PM

As you watch this poor pup go around and around in his dinghy, your heart, too, will spin circles. Do you take pity? He’s trapped on that tiny boat, and all that motion is surely wreaking havoc on his tummy. Do you laugh? Dumb dog! Or do you feel envy? Dinghy donuts are probably more fun than lots of things, such as watching YouTube videos of dumb dogs.

Life's Nothing More Than a Dumb Kangaroo With a Watering Can on Its Head

Andy Cush · 03/24/15 02:43PM

In this life, you flail blindly, pummeling your way from one day to the next through alternating periods of heroic effort and helpless inertia, unwilling or unable to behold the world beyond the lonely confines of your own ego. In this way, you resemble an idiot kangaroo with a watering can stuck on its head.

Unconscious Skydiver Rescued Mid-Air After Suffering Seizure

Aleksander Chan · 03/02/15 02:19PM

In terrifying footage caught on a skydiver's helmet camera, Christopher Jones can be seen having a seizure mid-air, his convulsing body tumbling to the ground until his partner is able to trigger his parachute.