The Daily Show Found Out What's Really Weird About Austin

Aleksander Chan · 10/31/14 10:55AM

The official brand of Austin, Texas, USA is: "Keep Austin Weird." If you visit, you will be inundated with the mantra wherever you strut your cowboy boots. It is an amorphous identity projected by Austinites onto and into everything they do and it often sounds like a battle cry—this is the only "liberal" place in Lone Star State, and let's keep it that way!

Farrah Abraham's Next Venture: Frozen Yogurt

Aleksander Chan · 07/09/14 06:18PM

Farrah Abraham, having conquered publishing, sex tapes, and reality television, has set her sights on the next frontier of entrepreneurism: selling frozen yogurt and other not-hot foods. She's opening Froco Fresh Frozen in Austin this fall. Its mascot, Coba ("the popping boba"), is terrifying: