Austerity Is Coming For Your Kids

Hamilton Nolan · 07/28/15 09:33AM

Puerto Rico is facing an unsustainable level of debt. Its lenders, guardians of financial probity that they are, have come up with a solution: close schools.

Moral Hazard and Its Victims

Hamilton Nolan · 07/13/15 11:25AM

After all of the boisterous noise about rejecting austerity, Greece has finally agreed to the outlines of a bailout to address its debt crisis: more austerity. Its future is grim(mer). At times like this, it is useful to ask which side has the morality, and which has only the hazards.

'Austerity' Is America's Most Looked-Up Word

Richard Lawson · 12/20/10 05:30PM announced today that austerity was their most looked-up word in 2010, ahead of pragmatic, moratorium, and, gasp!, socialism. Fitting that people are looking for austerity in these penny-pinched times. "With great austerity, Sarah Palin boundered across the Alaskan tundra..."

Back to War With Japan We Go

Hamilton Nolan · 03/02/10 03:09PM

The Way We Live Now: Austerely. Everyone is! Greece is. Nevadans are. You know Chile's not living it up. Everyone is dead broke, it seems...except the fancy Japanese. Are we gonna stand for that?