Gunman in Aurora, Colo. Has Multiple Hostages, According to Police [UPDATE: 4 Reportedly Dead]

Jordan Sargent · 01/05/13 10:46AM

This month was supposed to represent some sort of closure for Aurora, Colo., with the Cinemark that was the site of last summer's mass shooting set to reopen on Jan. 17 in a ceremony attended by the town's mayor and the state's governor. Instead it could also be marked by tragedy: police believe a gunman there is currently holding three or four hostages in a town house.

PR Dummies: How to Make Money From the Aurora Massacre

Hamilton Nolan · 08/01/12 05:10PM

Public relations is defined as a strategic tool which dynamically allows a strategic company to turn sleaze into profit. Dynamically. This is PR Dummies. Taking advantage of you, the consumer, every week.

Six Dumb Arguments We're Hearing About the Aurora Shooting

Mobutu Sese Seko · 07/25/12 09:20AM

The immediate aftermath of any American tragedy offers a heady potential for vile ideas. Details are scant, speculation is still wide open, motive is easily assigned—and in the rush to scoop other outlets, journalists don't have as much time to investigate claims, arguments or citations.

Mary Elizabeth Williams Has Written Down Some Thoughts and Feelings About Our National Tragedy

Hamilton Nolan · 07/24/12 04:03PM

Salon's Mary Elizabeth Williams is America's least necessary cultural critic. Reading a Mary Elizabeth Williams column on any topic in the news is like sticking a needle full of SUPER SWEET SUGAR WATER in your veins and pushing the plunger until you say "Blaaaauuurrrrgghhhhpablumpablum." Does Mary Elizabeth Williams have something unnecessary—so unnecessary that it would have been a net gain to humanity to say nothing at all—to say on the topic of our recent Very Sad Aurora Movie Theater Shooting Tragedy? Yes of course she does. If you had hoped to avoid it, you lose.

Is James Holmes a Nerd?

Max Read · 07/24/12 10:00AM

Here's something that almost all the mass killers of the last fifteen years or so have in common: they've been called "nerds." James Holmes, who allegedly murdered 12 people in a crowded Colorado movie theater on Friday morning, was described as a "nerd" by his uncle within hours of the shooting. Norwegian mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik is, in the Telegraph, a "puffy-faced computer game nerd." Columbine killers Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold were "innocuous nerds," the Los Angeles Times claimed in 1999.