A Top Googler's Ominous Radio Fight

Ryan Tate · 11/05/09 02:01PM

Google is trying to break into the music business. But the squeaky-clean company is aiming at a very grungy market, as Oscar de la Renta-wearing VP Marissa Mayer discovered during a recent — ultimately contentious — radio appearance.

The Rant that Explains Why Dylan Ratigan Left CNBC

John Cook · 06/25/09 08:50AM

Dylan Ratigan's new MSNBC show launches next week. To judge by this audio, sent by a tipster, of Ratigan berating a producer during a commercial break, his new colleagues must be thrilled to have him.

Angry Christian Bale In Gentler, Higher-Pitched Times

Richard Lawson · 02/03/09 12:30PM

It's of a young Bale in Steven Spielberg's 1987 epic Empire of the Sun. He's singing to Japanese people. Look at how sweet and innocent he was! What changed? What made him so spoiled and mean in the years since? We may never know. It's a shame. Where has Cowboy Kelly gone?