What Could Have Been: Other Celebrities Audition for The Office

Neetzan Zimmerman · 08/06/13 09:08AM

In honor of the final season of The Office being released on DVD, the show's producers have made available a highlight reel of some famous actors (some of whom were less famous then) auditioning for Office roles that ultimately went to someone else.

Ninja Auditions Fail

nightintern · 05/18/10 01:30PM

These guys sure thought they knew what it would take to play a ninja in a movie but they didn't. Unfortunate and embarrassing for them, but awesome for us.

American Idol Ruined Auditions for America

Brian Moylan · 01/21/10 01:45PM

Hair is holding an open casting and it is plagued by crazies from far and wide who don't really want to get to Broadway, they just want attention. Thanks American Idol, now instead of auditions, we have the freak parade.