Final Set of Secret JFK Recordings Drops; Rumors of Nicki Minaj Guest Verse Unfounded

Caity Weaver · 01/24/12 06:55PM

The last batch of President Kennedy's secret Oval Office recordings was released today, just barely missing the deadline for everyone's "Best Secret Presidential Recordings of 2011" year-end lists. Archivists from the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library have been declassifying and releasing portions of the tapes, recorded so super duper secretly not even Kennedy's top aides knew of their existence before his death, since 1993.

Everyone Is a Terrible Sexist In This Saturday Night Live Anecdote

Ryan Tate · 10/19/11 03:07PM

If you ever need to convince someone that show business is a chauvinist boys club, just play them this clip explaining how, sometime in the 1990s, Saturday Night Live executive producer Lorne Michaels wanted to install a woman as Weekend Update anchor for the first time in a decade, but abandoned the idea after his hero Steve Martin said "some broad" had "fucked everything up" when co-hosting an awards show with him.

Googlers Do No Actual Work, Says Spy

Ryan Tate · 07/19/11 01:22PM

It's apparently a lazy summer at Google, where employees are so busy with food trucks, a seafood fair and endless eating they don't actually have time to work, rabble rousing comedian Marc Maron reports. Tell your broker to SELL.

Finally, You Can Listen to Herman Cain's Gospel Album

Jim Newell · 07/11/11 03:14PM

A long-lost gospel album that presidential candidate Herman Cain to have recorded in 1996 has hit the Internet. This could prove to be Julian Assange's most consequential leak yet! Or maybe it was just an upload from a Daily Caller blogger. In any event, this is a great discovery for rare music collectors who've spent years, combing through seven continents, looking for this gem — a magnum opus which settles every doubt you ever had about the ability of music to inspire.

Ed Schultz Shouldn't Use the Word 'Slut' to Describe Ladies

Jim Newell · 05/25/11 02:31PM

Ed Schultz, the fake, lefty Rush Limbaugh whom MSNBC trots out for an hour each night to botch debased versions of Democratic talking points, had some nasty words for right-wing babbler Laura Ingraham on his radio show yesterday. While Ingraham is certainly an unsavory character, did Schultz really need to resort to the descriptor "slut," twice, over some ephemeral Obama-drinks-beer-in-Ireland nontroversy?

Lindsay Lohan's 911 Call Released

Maureen O'Connor · 04/01/11 04:47PM

Charges for Lindsay Lohan's alleged assault of a Betty Ford Center employee Dawn Holland have been dropped, and now we've been treated to audio from the 911 call that started the mess. Turns out Lindsay called the cops because she was scared of Dawn.

Rush Limbaugh Shows Off His Chinese Voice

Jim Newell · 01/19/11 04:15PM

Conservative radio king Rush Limbaugh sure thinks Chinese people talk funny. Want to hear the impression of Chinese President Hu Jintao he unveiled today? It's 20 straight seconds of cartoonish "CHING CHANG CHONG" sounds. Seriously. The audio is below.

Phone Sex Takes Over DMV's Old Phone Number

Maureen O'Connor · 09/17/10 03:28PM

1-800-DIAL-DMV used to connect you to New York State's Department of Motor Vehicles. Now it directs people to a lady who moans, "You're so big baby, wanna pull it out and watch it explode all over my beautiful backside?"