Guy Kawasaki is kind of long-winded, but good with the perks

Paul Boutin · 09/23/08 03:40PM

Serial list-maker Guy Kawasaki's latest attempt at a hit startup is Alltop, an "online magazine rack." Kawasaki has promised Popurls creator Thomas Marban a $109,000 Audi R8 if Alltop takes off. Alas, twenty minutes of cruising the site — yet another techie's attempt to aggregate media sites by stripping their headlines into a bland common format, rather than creating a new rollup brand like Drudge or Huffington — makes me think Marban should ask for a new MacBook and call it a day.

Gymnasts Can't Stop Flipping For Audi

Hamilton Nolan · 04/10/08 12:38PM

This is an admittedly very cool new ad for Audi, in which a whole bunch of "powerful Hungarian gymnasts" run through an impeccably choreographed routine of flips and, uh, other gymnastic moves that are meant to symbolize the inner workings of the Audi RS6's engine. The car costs over $150,000, so it better have some damn fine inner workings [Guardian UK]. Our only issue with the ad is that they could have gotten the break dance crew in Washington Square Park to do this entire routine for about $87, so if they paid the Hungarians more than that, they just got ripped off. Click to watch the automotive performance art.

Mahalo employee can afford a binary-tagged Audi A6

Nicholas Carlson · 04/07/08 12:20PM

We reported — and CEO Jason Calacanis didn't really deny — that Mahalo grosses about $9,000 a month. But don't worry about Mahalo employees. Here, for example, is Mahalo employee Sean Percival's Audi A6. It costs between $43,725 and $57,075 . Obviously, Percival is not a Mahalo guide. Surprisingly, Percival is a Mahalo guide. They only make $30,000 to $35,000, we hear. By the way, if this handy binary to text conversion tool is correct, Percival writes 011000100110000101100100 code. (Photo by Eric Rice)

Individuality Is A New Luxury Automobile

Hamilton Nolan · 02/25/08 01:28PM

Don't you hate it when The Man tries to keep you down? And The Man is like, you must go to one of these prestigious schools, you must be a lawyer/ doctor/ I-banker, you must drive a Benz/ Beamer/ Lexus. And you're like, "You're not in charge of my life! I'm my own person! I'm breaking free of this soulless cycle of consumption! By buying a marginally different brand of luxury car!" Take that, The System! Click to watch Audi's stirring, inspirational Oscar ad in full. It will set you free. To burn Audis when the Revolution comes.

Yelp Co-Founder Has a New Ride

rabruzzo · 10/23/06 02:02PM

Over the weekend a tipster sent us this: "Over the weekend, spotted Yelp co-founder Russell Simmons speeding around Portrero Hill in his brand new 2007 Audi S4."