Donald Trump Spent $120,000 of Other People's Money on Lunch With "Salma Hayek and Her Breasts"

Brendan O'Connor · 07/08/16 04:53PM

In 2008, at a gala hosted by Gucci benefiting Madonna’s charity, Donald Trump paid $120,000 for a tour of a France’s Chateau Latour vineyard. As auctioneer Chris Rock described, the tour would include a lunch with “Salma Hayek and her breasts.” According to BuzzFeed News, however, not only did Trump use other people’s money to pay for the trip, he never even went on it.

You Could Fuck a Guy From The Bachelor for $5600

Allie Jones · 02/18/16 09:02AM

FEELS LIKE -25°, NEW YORK—It was the coldest February 14th on record in New York City in 100 years, but inside The Ainsworth club in Manhattan, no one was dressed for the weather. Over 400 young, unmarried women had wedged themselves into sleeveless, Herve Leger-style bandage dresses and open-toed shoes to spend roughly three hours in the same room as several male castoffs from The Bachelor TV franchise, on Valentine’s Day.

Hamilton Nolan · 11/13/13 05:17PM

One day after the world's most expensive artwork sold at auction, the world's most expensive gemstone—and $83 million pink diamond—has sold at auction. The real winner here: the proud diamond miners of Africa.

Mysterious Winning Bidder of Banksy Charity Auction Backs Out

Max Rivlin-Nadler · 11/10/13 10:27AM

Capping his month-long residency in New York City, Banksy donated a work of art titled "The Banality of the Banality of Evil" to Housing Works, a charity that provides housing to the homeless and AIDS patients. The work was to be auctioned off to raise money for the charity, but in classic fashion for the reclusive artist, the auction devolved into finger-pointing and accusations, with the anonymous winning bidder backing out of their bid.

You Can Buy Bruce Lee's Old Workout Crap Right Now

Hamilton Nolan · 10/25/13 10:43AM

Right this very minute, you can navigate to a website and place a bid for a chance to own an authentic old jumprope or dirty pair of sneakers or even a punching bag, punched by the actual fists of Bruce Lee.

Jesse Jackson Jr.’s Mink Capes Will Go Up For Auction Tomorrow

Lacey Donohue · 09/16/13 09:01PM

If you’ve ever wanted to own a lady’s sheared mink jacket with 40% silver fox sleeves, just make sure to bid on this auction tomorrow. Not only will you get your hands on a sweet piece of mink, you’ll also help Jesse Jackson Jr. repay the $750,000 in campaign funds he spent illegally. Jackson Jr. pled guilty to misusing the campaign funds in February and was sentenced to 30 months in prison.

Hamilton Nolan · 06/27/13 04:39PM

A Bible signed by Albert Einstein has sold for $68,500 in an auction. But a beautiful flower inscribed by the loving hand of The Lord Our God? Well, that's still free :)

Creepy Auction Offers Chance to Be Servant for Downton Abbey Actor

Caity Weaver · 05/20/13 04:50PM

Everyone, from the dandiest Diddy to the poorest party spangler’s daughter loves Downton Abbey. Every week, we gather ‘round our television sets to watch our favorite characters die. “Why can’t I be a servant in the post-Edwardian era?” we cry as we watch the sallow-cheeked wait staff eat up screen time that should be devoted to the Grantham family’s glamorous problems. “Oh,” we gasp, when Lady Mary emerges in yet another devastating satin gown, “I wish I were a maid!”

Paintings Made of Money Shatter Records at History's Biggest Auction

Maggie Lange · 05/16/13 09:57AM

At an auction held at Christie's last night, a record-breaking $495 million was spent on paintings, surpassing individual records for works by Jean-Michel Basquiat, Jackson Pollock, and Roy Lichtenstein. The chairman of Christie's Americas, Marc Porter, said this was the biggest art auction in history. Some might wonder about the buyers—what are these people, made of money? Nope, just the paintings, paintings literally made of money and jewels.

Space Auction: You Can Buy Buzz Aldrin's Toothbrush or An Armrest That Has Spent More Time on the Moon Than Any Other Armrest

Maggie Lange · 04/03/13 02:20PM

The bidding started at $9,000 for an already used toothbrush formerly wielded by one Buzz Aldrin while in space. The auction house selling a variety of space-related memorabilia estimates that prices could reach $24,000 for this 6.5 inch piece of plastic "used throughout the mission, including in the Lunar Module Eagle while on the moon." With two weeks left to bid, there is lots of room for a possible bidding war for Aldrin's tooth cleaner. As of now, someone has thrown down $10,755, presumably in order to yell: "I own you!"

One-of-a-Kind Kennedy Heirlooms Set to Go to Auction

Robert Kessler · 01/24/13 03:35PM

Next month more than 650 personal items of John F. Kennedy's are set to go for auction. They include photographs, mementos, gifts from foreign leaders during Kennedy's presidency and even clothing. All the items up for auction are from the personal collection of David Powers, who served as a Special Assistant to Kennedy during his presidency, and worked with him from the 1940's to Kennedy's death in 1963.