Behind the Scenes of the 2011 Dallas Burlesque Festival

Chris Wyman · 02/15/11 05:00PM

Since Christina Aguilera and Cher conspired to ruin the good name of Neo-Burlesque last fall, it's up to these Southern Belle-busters to win it back. Although this clip is cable-safe, how does your boss feel about tasseled pasties?

Porn Star Kayden Kross Unveils the "Masturbation Diet"

Chris Wyman · 02/11/11 04:50PM

Pay attention, Charlie Sheen, Kayden Kross is an adult film star you'd be proud to bring home to Mom. In this surprisingly safe-for-TV interview, the multi-talented "Best Actress" details her brilliant discovery of a safe, all-natural appetite suppressant.

Should You Buy a Verizon iPhone 4?

Chris Wyman · 02/10/11 10:20AM

February 10th is Verizon iPhone Day here in the US, but G4TV's been playing around with one since Monday. Here's their video review, complete with a side-by-side AT&T / Verizon reception comparison as the team drove around LA.

Welcome Our New Alien Overlord: V's Laura Vandervoort

Chris Wyman · 02/08/11 02:10PM

With a name like "Vandervoort," it's no wonder this fashionable Canadian plays extra-terrestrials on V and Smallville. In this clip, Laura dishes on some of the disgusting pranks that transpire behind the scenes of the outwardly humorless series V.

Metropolis II: a Kinetic-Sculpture City of 1,100 Hot Wheels

Chris Wyman · 02/02/11 11:40AM

Renowned performance artist and maverick sculptor Chris Burden has almost finished this magnet-driven masterpiece, and it's already been sold for "millions of dollars." Is this brilliantly advanced social commentary, or just a toy for grown-up boys?

Tour a Tokyo "Love Hotel" with Saucy Alex Sim-Wise

Chris Wyman · 01/21/11 01:10PM

Forget test scores, Americans are geniuses where it counts: finding discreet places to screw. But what if you live in a country with significantly less "personal space?" Japan has an industry devoted to that very problem: Love Hotels.

Alison Haislip Swims with Sharks, Nerds Everywhere Fall in Love

Chris Wyman · 01/19/11 10:48AM

That disturbance you felt in The Force last night around 7:30 Eastern was the collective reaction of innumerable dweebs falling in love. Ostensibly a Hawaii tourism segment, it's really just an excuse for Alison to showcase her... uh... assets.