Director James Gunn Talks "Kicking Ellen Page in the Face"

Chris Wyman · 03/23/11 02:40PM

(Metaphorically... we think.) You probably don't recognize James Gunn, but this interview is definitely worth your time. The manic filmmaker behind Super and Slither candidly discusses Ellen Page, Rainn Wilson, and stuffing his diminutive girlfriend inside small objects.

Mark "Jacob" Pellegrino: "I Love Zombies"

Chris Wyman · 03/22/11 04:10PM

Mark Pellegrino currently plays a vampire in SyFy's Being Human remake, but you probably still think of him as a messianic ghost from Lost. In this clip, G4TV investigates the actor's penchant for roles that go "bump" in the night.

Sara Underwood Is "Bustice," the One-Woman Dynamic Duo

Chris Wyman · 03/16/11 11:00AM

With a Playmate of the Year on staff, it was only a matter of time before the G4TV fanboys developed a cleavage-powered super-heroine. Honestly, we expected to cringe our way through this misadventure, but it's actually kind of cute.

Bill Hader On Paul, Comic Books, and "Nerd Porn"

Chris Wyman · 03/15/11 09:30AM

SNL's resident alien Bill "Greg" Hader plays an ET-hunting G-man in Paul, but in reality he's comfortingly nerdy, bonding with the film's cast over comics and re-enacting all of the other iconic movies filmed in Las Vegas, New Mexico.

Garfunkel & Oates: Like "Glee with Dick Jokes"

Chris Wyman · 03/11/11 11:15AM

Gawker.TV favorites Garfunkel & Oates visited G4TV yesterday for an interview and a performance of "Weed Card." Riki and Kate discuss the pilot they're developing for HBO and tell the now-legendary story of their unexpected friendship with John Oates.

Michelle Rodriguez Has Some Very Strange Ideas About the Universe

Chris Wyman · 03/09/11 10:25AM

Sure, after filming Avatar and Battle: Los Angeles, she's got more experience dealing with extra-terrestrials than most of us, but seriously, folks, after watching this interview, we've upgraded the actress's condition from "kooky" to "bat-shit."

Peek Behind the Scenes of Sports Illustrated's 3D Swimsuit Issue

Chris Wyman · 03/08/11 11:55AM

That dinosaur of masturbatory entertainment, the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, took a step into the future this year by partnering with Sony and developing an extra-dimensional, multi-media experience. (Translation: 3D boobs, y'all.)

Meet Carly Craig, the "Shart Girl" from Hall Pass

Chris Wyman · 03/02/11 03:30PM

If you're an attractive young actress, is "Well, she seems game for anything..." the best or worst lasting impression you want to leave after a casting call with Bobby and Peter Farrelly?

Nate Corddry: "My Cat Wallace Is One of My Closest Friends"

Chris Wyman · 03/01/11 01:55PM

Rob Corddry's brother, Nate, currently shares the screen with Kathy Bates on Harry's Law... and he's adorable! If "old people discussing the internet" make you laugh, allow us to introduce you to the equally awkward "thirty-somethings talking Facebook."

Emmy Rossum Tastefully Discusses her Shameless Nudity

Chris Wyman · 02/25/11 10:40AM

Non-subscribers to Showtime might recognize the clothed version of Rossum from The Day After Tomorrow or Phantom of the Opera. All perviness aside, Shameless may be the first UK-to-US TV remake since The Office to succeed both critically and commercially.

Aussie Beauty Teresa Palmer is "Number Six" in I Am Number Four

Chris Wyman · 02/16/11 11:50AM

Palmer has two movies to promote: this week's I Am Number Four and the long-delayed Take Me Home Tonight, which finally debuts March 4th. Can the G4 nerds endure an interview with "Number Six" without cracking a Short Circuit joke?