Trump's Ego Sustains Further Damage

cityfile · 11/17/09 02:48PM

Donald Trump and daughter Ivanka have given up on their bid to regain control of Trump Entertainment Resorts, the bankrupt company that controls the three crumbling Atlantic City casinos that bear the Trump name. In other not-so-encouraging news for the family, it's now considered "likely" that lenders will soon foreclose on Trump Soho, the epically troubled condo/hotel on Spring Street. Some good news? If you're feeling drowsy this afternoon, a visit to the Trump Soho website will wake you up and that's totally free of charge. [WSJ, Curbed]

The Donald Hits a Snag

cityfile · 08/13/09 09:52AM

So much for Donald Trump's plan to swoop down and retake control of his old Atlantic City casino empire, which went bankrupt for a third time a few months ago. Investors who are out $1.25 billion—and who stand to gain nothing from Trump's bid to buy back the company—are calling Trump's plan "a brazen insider deal," have asked a judge to conduct a full investigation, and have submitted their own proposal to take back control of the company. [AP]

Hotel Rooms in Atlantic City Now Priced at $0

cityfile · 02/12/09 02:50PM

The good news: Harrah's in Atlantic City is handing out 5,000 guest room keys tomorrow from 8-10am at the corner of 48th Street and Avenue of the Americas, and from 12-1pm outside the Jacques Torres Hudson Store at 350 Hudson Street. The bad news is pretty apparent: It's the Harrah's in Atlantic City. [AMNY]

Whatever They're Paying Kevin Dillon, It's Not Enough

Douglas Reinhardt · 06/16/08 01:10PM

Entourage star Kevin Dillon ran into some of New Jersey's finest at an appearance at The Pool in Atlantic City over the weekend. Not being a neophyte in the often perilous club-going-for-pay circuit, Dillon made sure that his rider contained a section which stipulated that he must be secluded from a majority of the club either behind a velvet rope or sequestered in the V.I.P. area. However, these precautions did not prove to be ironclad enough to prevent him from interacting with a few overzealous fans of the HBO series, who knocked down the red velvet rope and demanded to have their pictures taken with Dillon. One fan said, "How often is Johnny motherfucking Drama in the A.C.? Not that fucking often. No stupid rope is going to stop me and Frankie and Kari and Mary and Frankie #2 from getting our picture with him! We would've done the same thing if it was Derek Jeter or one of those Gossip Girls."

"I Was Inconvenienced And All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt"

Rebecca · 03/31/08 02:00PM

"There was an article in the Times about homeless people taking the bus to Atlantic City, and I was totally inspired," Rebecca Aronauer said from her Brooklyn apartment the other day. The inspiration was for Inconvenience Day, Aronauer's bi-annual birthday celebration, and the idea was to take a bus from Chinatown in Manhattan to Atlantic City in New Jersey. For everyone she knew, the trip would be a huge inconvenience. "I have friends from Jersey, and even they say Atlantic City is a pain to get to."

Atlantic City Flat Busted, Mashantucket Beckons

Chris Mohney · 07/06/06 01:15PM

With the Atlantic City casinos closed down to celebrate the New Jersey budget crisis, would-be gamblers are treated instead to a horrible "deafening quiet" — no ringing of slot machines, cheering of craps players, or shrieking of adenoidal prostitutes. Nevertheless, if you were planning a summer weekend's AC excursion, you still have options. Donald Trump's loss is the Mashantucket Pequots' gain; the tribe's Foxwoods Casino is still open for business, and they've even added extra buses! If you'd already shed enough dignity to overnight in Jersey, how much worse can it be in Connecticut?