Donald Trump Versus the American Worker

Hamilton Nolan · 07/13/16 02:00PM

“Donald Trump says Carl Icahn should be in charge of the entire American economy!” shouted the man into the bullhorn as we stood in front of Trump Tower. “Everything you hate about the American economy, Carl Icahn does.” America’s working class Trump supporters still have ample time to reconsider.

Hamilton Nolan · 06/16/16 11:25AM

On the same day Macy’s narrowly averted a strike by its employees, union representatives say there is “overwhelming support” for a July 1 strike by more than 6,000 Atlantic City casino workers, whose average pay is less than $25,000 per year. Fortunately, strikes tend to work.

Maybe We Should Just Let Atlantic City Die Already

Peter Moskowitz · 09/19/14 11:00AM

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. — There are about as many ideas about how to save Atlantic City as there are residents of Atlantic City (39,551). I don’t say that hyperbolically. When I was there this past weekend every single person I talked to knew exactly what was wrong with it and how to fix it: it’s either Trump’s fault, or the lack of Trump, or because too many casinos opened, or because the casinos aren’t fancy enough—many don’t offer luxury massages and club experiences like in Las Vegas. Or it’s because the city’s inherently gritty casinos tried to be fancy and that was a bad idea. If Atlantic City just goes back to its roots, some people said, perhaps it could be the seedy, smoke-filled pleasure capital of the northeast once again.

Gambling Will Never Save Us

Hamilton Nolan · 09/09/14 09:07AM

As Boardwalk Empire begins its final season, so does real life Atlantic City, where grand casinos are closing at an unprecedented clip. Our elected leaders' solution to these financial troubles? More gambling. It will never work.

The Atlantic City Dream Is Dead

Gabrielle Bluestone · 08/12/14 07:45PM

The Revel Hotel and Casino—better known as the Jersey Shore's last, desperate attempt to hide its stale cigarette smell with a spritz of cloying eau de toilette—lost big today. The still-shiny-and-new $2.5 billion property plans to shut down next month, confirming once and for all that the Atlantic City dream is dead.

It's Easier Than Ever to Get Married While Drunk at a Seaside New Jersey Hellscape

Hamilton Nolan · 01/13/12 09:33AM

Atlantic City: the biggest shithole on the East Coast, where blocks of open-air crack markets immediately give way to cut-rate seedy casinos full of doomed and hopeless poverty-level day trippers in a geographic continuum of vice and despair unequaled anywhere in its chemical spill-laden state of New Jersey. Now it's easier to have your wedding there. Alert your spouse-to-be.

Trump Casino Now Offers Plastic Surgery Payouts

Seth Abramovitch · 09/30/11 02:11AM

The desperate deluxe Trump Taj Mahal Casino Resort in gross glamorous Atlantic City features the best of everything, naturally. But now guests at Donald Trump's vomit-tinted Xanadu can look as great as the Taj makes them feel, as the hotel is awarding a $25,000 plastic surgery gift certificate to one lucky card player, good for "mix and match surgeries, including breast enhancements, tummy tucks, liposuction and face lifts." But why go so run-of-the-mill, when you could instead use that money to have the hair from a giraffe's nutsack grafted directly onto your scalp, which you might then style in a fetching, comb-forwarded fashion that's sure to excite your mail-ordered, Slovenian succubus bride? You do deserve the best, after all. [AP, photo via Getty]

Blackjack Master Beats Atlantic City for $15 Million

Jeff Neumann · 05/24/11 06:49AM

Since last December, some dude named Don Johnson from Pennsylvania has been single-handedly beating the crap out of Atlantic City casinos. So far he's won over $15 million from just three: Borgata, Tropicana, and Caesars Palace. The Press of Atlantic City caught up with Johnson, and corroborated his claims with casino officials.

Boardwalk Empire: The Beginning Boom of Bootlegging

Richard Lawson · 09/20/10 11:28AM

Well, last night HBO unrolled its latest great hope, a high-budget, prestige drama all about Prohibition-era Atlantic City and its various denizens — from honest but grimy to wealthy but crimey. (Whee!) What'd we all think?

Jersey Shore: The Wild Animals of Atlantic City

Brian Moylan · 01/15/10 12:41PM

For the most important sociological experiment of our time, we must observe our seven guidos not only in environments they are comfortable in, but abroad as well. Still, it as in their native habitat where they truly flourish.

Live Blogging Jersey Shore, Week 6

Brian Moylan · 01/14/10 09:00PM

We have no special guests this week, but that doesn't mean this live blog won't be full of special guests, like you. And we won't get a Snooki punch, but we'll get a ShamWOWW punch. And it's two hours!