The Associated Press' Photo Double Game

John Cook · 05/05/11 10:27AM

The Associated Press has huffily declined to cover tonight's Fox News Channel GOP "debate" in South Carolina on the grounds that Fox won't let it take photographs during the debate—only before and after. But it does cover presidential addresses under precisely the same conditions.

At the CIA, Accidentally Kidnapping and Torturing an Innocent Guy Earns You a Promotion

John Cook · 02/09/11 01:09PM

The Associated Press' Adam Goldman and Matt Apuzzo have a breathtaking-but-sadly-unsurprising story detailing the CIA's habit of promoting the very people responsible for the Agency's most spectacular fuck-ups. The analyst responsible for illegally abducting, drugging, sodomizing, and beating a completely innocent man because she thought he was someone else? She's running the hunt for bin Laden now. The guy who let a prisoner freeze to death in Afghanistan? He oversees spying operations in the Middle East.

Inside the David Paterson Rumor Mill

John Cook · 12/01/10 10:33AM

A while back, we filed a Freedom of Information Law request looking for e-mails between New York Gov. David Paterson's flacks and a bunch of reporters. The governor's office tried hard to keep them secret, but we finally got them.

Evangelical DA Threatens Jail for Sex Ed Teachers

Jeff Neumann · 04/09/10 07:01AM

Upset that Wisconsin high schools are teaching comprehensive sex ed to students, Juneau County District Attorney Scott Southworth says he will prosecute anyone who follows a state law that requires schools to teach students about contraception. Progressivism is destroying America!

AP Business Desk's Pact with the Devil

Ryan Tate · 02/15/10 01:00PM

The Associated Press has said it's "mad as hell" at internet portals. Yet the wire service's pandering to one major online client is said to be severely taxing reporters and undermining editorial quality.

Culture of Fear Inflames Financial News Wires

Ryan Tate · 02/12/10 09:43AM

Bloomberg News staffers no longer have the market on fear and loathing cornered: Informants tell us that high-stakes monitoring of reporters' performance has poisoned the atmosphere at Reuters and the Associated Press business desk, too.