Everybody Misreads an AP Tweet, Responds by Getting Super-Pissed at AP

Adam Weinstein · 07/23/14 09:50AM

The Associated Press Twitter account is a must-follow for breaking-news junkies. It's also a great guide to the many ways you can fuck up breaking news. Like when it reported the status this morning of an aircraft carrying the bodies of MH17 victims back to Holland:

Should the AP Really Have Fired This Pulitzer-Prize War Photographer?

Adam Weinstein · 01/23/14 11:52AM

The Associated Press announced Wednesday that it had parted ways with Narciso Contreras, a freelance photographer who shared in a Pulitzer for his work in Syria last year. The reason Contreras was let go, basically, is that he tried too hard to meet a phony news-photo standard.

ABC, NYT Repeatedly Lied About CIA Operative Robert Levinson

J.K. Trotter · 12/13/13 05:01PM

ABC News and The New York Times have known since 2007 that Robert Levinson, the ex-FBI agent who was kidnapped in Iran, was not, as the U.S. government and his family claimed, an independent businessman: He was working for the CIA. The Times’ report today discloses this timeline; ABC News’ report does not—but a source at the network confirmed to Gawker that ABC reporters discovered the CIA connection in 2007 as well. At the request of the government and Levinson’s family, however, both outlets repeatedly stated, without any caveats, that Levinson was on a “business trip” when he was captured. A review of their coverage indicates that ABC News did so at least 7 times, and the Times at least 3 times.

Cord Jefferson · 05/14/13 06:16PM

After the Justice Department responded tersely to an AP letter questioning the government's decision to seize its phone records, the wire service has published a new letter saying the DoJ's explanation "does not adequately address our concerns."

Why Did the AP Run A Story About All the Gun Deaths on One Day and Not Mention It Was Gun Appreciation Day?

Max Rivlin-Nadler · 03/10/13 12:18PM

Yesterday, the Associated Press released a story that soberly chronicled some of the deaths caused by gun violence on a single day in America. The single, typical day was January 19th, which as the article states, was the beginning of the Martin Luther King Jr. weekend, as well as the weekend of the presidential inauguration. However, more importantly, it was also the inaugural "Gun Appreciation Day" as David Waldman points out. It's hard to believe that it could be a simple coincidence that the AP chose "Gun Appreciation Day" to highlight the deaths caused by that so worthy of appreciation.

Not All People Dislike Obama Because He's Black, But These People Do

Cord Jefferson · 09/26/12 04:30PM

In an Associated Press article from earlier this month, national affairs writer Jesse Washington posed the question, "Does racial bias fuel Obama foes?" "The question of whether race fuels opposition to President Barack Obama has become one of the most divisive topics of the election," Washington continued. "It is sowing anger and frustration among conservatives who are labeled racist simply for opposing Obama's policies and liberals who see no other explanation for such deep dislike of the president."

So Ron Paul Likes Buying Fancy Airplane Seats, What Do You Care?

Jim Newell · 01/16/12 05:17PM

There are so many excellent ways that the Associated Press could investigate Ron Paul, given his long congressional record and status as a competitive major party presidential candidate with views radically outside the mainstream, something you don't see too often. He's a character, a real life political character. But what the AP has chosen to go with today is a report about how he frequently flies first-class between Washington and his Texas district, making him the worst sort of hypocrite who has no values and loves Big Government deficits, secretly.