Frat Bros Smile Pretty After Allegedly Beating Man "Within an Inch of His Life"

Allie Jones · 10/22/15 12:18PM

Five Pi Kappa Alpha brothers at Ole Miss were arrested Friday in connection with an assault that allegedly left another student beaten “within an inch of his life.” Tucker Steil, James Basile, Christian Guy, Kyle Hughes, and Austin Rice—real names—were charged with everything from hazing to larceny to felony assault. Given their smiley mugshots above, they don’t seem too bummed out about it.

Report: Insta-Jerk Dan Bilzerian Kicked a Woman in the Face at Art Basel

Jay Hathaway · 12/08/14 05:19PM

Dan Bilzerian, the rich asshole whose popular Instagram account exemplifies the version of the American dream where Lady Liberty has immense fake tits and a thongload of cash, spent the weekend partying in Miami at Art Basel. This is what rich assholes do. But, as it sometimes does, Bilzerian's partying ended with a woman accidentally getting hurt.