James Franco Bares Ass to Gay Men

Rich Juzwiak · 06/24/14 12:45PM

James Franco showed up at Sunday's Broadway Bares charity even in New York wearing under his jeans a jock strap that was exposed by RuPaul's Drag Race Season 6 winner Bianca Del Rio.

Ass-vertising Campaign Just Normal In Belgium, Apparently

Hamilton Nolan · 09/22/08 02:37PM

Che is a Belgian men's magazine. So it's not too concerned about pleasing women, or what women think, or not royally pissing off women in general. Here's the only thing Che wants from women: their ass! Amirite bro? Gimme some! The ad pictured at left shows gals strolling around with tags on their ass that say "Please Squeeze Here." Ha, yes ma'am! High five! Whatever the Belgian equivalent of the National Organization for Women is is really asleep at the wheel. Below, three more spots from Che's meat-themed ad campaign, proving once again that Belgian sex advertising is truly a world unto itself:

Leno Fails To Probe Michael Phelps On Ass Issue

Hamilton Nolan · 09/09/08 03:18PM

Human fish made of gold Michael "Maikeer Feierpusi" Phelps took his webbed hands and goofy demeanor on Jay Leno's talk show last night. And gave Jay his best ratings in three months! They discussed the usual trite shit, while NBC raked in even more money from this young swimming freak. What they didn't talk about (Tivo confirms): Michael Phelps' recently documented proclivity for aggressive stripper ass-grabbing. Jay, you're leaving so many more viewers on the table here. [Pics at Radar]